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  1. innateseo

    Oddity in Search Console

    Yea that's weird
  2. innateseo

    Tracking the Path of a Lead Using Google Analytics

    They have a flow chart but as far as I know they don't track a specific lead.
  3. innateseo

    Does city in business name increase local pack visibility

    If you want to limit yourself to just that city then yes I recommend putting the city name in the META title. Also I suggest creating localized content on your blog or web pages.
  4. innateseo

    Best Local Industries to niche down in?

    This is kind of random but F&EE procurement is SEO gold.
  5. innateseo

    Link Trading

    I would avoid anything even relatively black hat. As in if you have questions, avoid it, trust your intuition. It's not worth ruining a branded domain.
  6. innateseo

    Have you successfully removed an off-topic review?

    No, it's not possible on any platform. The only thing I've successfully done is just changing the name of the business listing to get rid of a flurry of fake reviews. The good news is, you can just get good reviews to cover the bad ones, it's really not that hard you just have to be proactive...
  7. innateseo

    Mythbusting: Linking out to authority (or other) sites does not help rankings

    It helps to cite, especially when referencing content. It will make your content look more legitimate both from a robot and human perspective. I would not link out for the sake of just linking out, you will lose link juice. Also be sure to utilize "no-follow" tags on the links.
  8. innateseo

    Looking for Content Writer

    I recommend myself. I do suggest someone who can find topics and write on local topics to boost local SEO. You can see some of the knowledge I have here: