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    Have 5* Google Reviews but Star Ratings Do Not Appear

    Hey Guys & Girls, We have 5, 5* reviews and ratings on our Google My Business page. When we appear in the 7-pack and in the SERPs, you see that we have "5 Google Reviews" but it doesn't show the actual star rating with the 5 star shapes. Is there a certain number of reviews we need before...
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    Restaurants CITYNAME - 3 Pack Mobile Results?

    I'm sitting here at my desk & while using my desktop computer, I'm seeing what looks like Mobile 3-Pack results in the SERP when I search for: Cafe Victoria (or Victoria BC) Indian Restaurants Victoria (or Victoria BC) Is this normal now & just slipped by my radar? Perhaps Google just assumes...
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    Citation Building - Include Bing Places & Apple Maps?

    I'm just starting to build citations for a new SMB client. I'm just curious if any of you take the extra time to build citations on Bing Places & Apple Maps? I know one of the big things to ensure you fill out completely & fully optimize is a Google Local (verified) page. Just not sure if...