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    GMB Searches Greater than Views?

    Would also look at more historical data to see if that's always been the case over. I've seen this a few times for new listings.
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    How to Add Hours For Every Other Saturday In GMB?

    Yan is right and with Excel, you can easily create those every other week special hours and bulk upload it for the whole year.
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    Best Approach to Claiming Yelp for Enterprise Organizations

    Hi, If you have several Yelp profiles (enterprise / multi-locations) you will need to get in touch with the Yelp Enterprise Team so they can provide bulk pricing if you upgrade all your profiles.
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    New GMB Listing Delivery Button?

    @nwinezog Google started to test online delivery late 2018. Grubhub is not (yet?) supported but if the restaurant partners with Postmates, Doordash and/or a few others, this CTA will automatically appears. To be removed, you need to close your Postmates/Doordash account. My understanding is...
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    Location Extension Map Clicks

    To answer the original question, @nmosier85 you can track those clicks in Google Ads as part of the location extension. You can go to the Locations tab (left sidebar) and then Per Store Report (top bar) to see the metrics per location. Google Ads and GMB are so disconnected that I'm sure GMB...
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    Crawling Apple Maps Connect?

    I wished there was a way. I use Apple Maps on Mac and search for the business name and hover a bit everywhere to see if there is anything weird. Apple Maps is probably the hardest publisher to work with.
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    Best Approach to Claiming Yelp for Enterprise Organizations

    To my knowledge that's only for enterprise but since you can't claim 10+ locations under one account, a lot of businesses are forced to pay the monthly fee if they want to manage their profiles in an efficient way.
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    Best Approach to Claiming Yelp for Enterprise Organizations

    They do have a relationship but they also require you to have a relationship with Yelp. For the platforms listed on those two pages below, we were asked to have a paid relationship with Yelp otherwise Yelp would not allow them to use the API to manage our locations...
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    Best Approach to Claiming Yelp for Enterprise Organizations

    Hi, I would recommend going through Yelp and pay the monthly fee per profile. Depending on the business category, and if the locations are part of the same business, you could go as low as $10/month/location. If you want Enhanced Profiles (remove ads from competitors) it can be higher. I know...
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    Google Set To Monetize Google My Business?

    Hi, I also share similar concerns as mentioned in previous posts but working with different Google teams and Google products, the level of support when the product is paid vs. free is incredible. I have not seen the survey: Were there questions about large businesses? Was blocking user edits...
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    What Business Categories Are Available for Reserve With Google?

    Hello, You can find the list of supported services here: Overview | Maps Booking API | Google Developers Appointments Reservations Classes Activities Basic ticketing General admission day tours Consults and evaluations Signups and trials Acupuncture Craniosacral therapy Physiotherapy...