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  1. BenFisher

    Anything else you can do?

    Please PM me your sheet and add your redressal ID's to that support thread (include the thread too) and I will take a peek. If I can escalate it I will. Do not add your sheet to that thread though.
  2. BenFisher

    Will Changing Primary Category Trigger Reverification?

    It is rare but it can happen, what is more likely is a potential suspension.
  3. BenFisher

    Google Posts Not Appearing in the Knowledge Panel

    This is working as it is supposed to, the Covid posts is covering up the other posts.
  4. BenFisher

    GMB Edits Reverting Within 24 Hours. Local Viking the Cause

    I see this problem with many tools, LV, Moz, Yext.. I suggest disconnecting it. Tools can cause suspensions as well.
  5. BenFisher

    Form to Report Google Users for Spam?

    You can actually report users via the android mobile app. Navigate to the profile of the user and select the 3 dots to report them. Feel free to goto the support community and provide the information with links that are relevant (screenshots do not help) and we can escalate from there. Any...
  6. BenFisher

    Fake Reviews/ Possible Lead Gen Company

    Nice work first of all. Hopefully, all those profiles, reviews and listings are linked...right? If so, PM me a link to the sheet and I can escalate it for you as a review spam network. (normally you could have done this via support)
  7. BenFisher

    Verified but Still Pending Approval

    Law firms are a duress category, meaning, you are in pending purgatory till they get things straight with support. You can reach out to support one time and provide business proof and ask it to be reviewed. Other non-duress verticles are seeing a week to 3 weeks to be released from pending.
  8. BenFisher

    GMB keeps reverting name and other info

    This is because Google is rejecting the update, it sucks. It is mainly because of Covid response times. I had a client get a suggested edit to a name, tried to change it, it got rejected (orange strike) the only way to get the change to stick was via an API patch.
  9. BenFisher

    Any news on Google resuming GMB Reviews?

    So far today employment law and..... garage door
  10. BenFisher

    How Do You Do Local SEO Keyword Research?

    I also use GMB Queries, they tend to be dead on.
  11. BenFisher

    Any news on Google resuming GMB Reviews?

    Personal Injury, HVAC, and dispensary's so far today.
  12. BenFisher

    Local SEO Zoom

    I'm down, buuuuut why not just do a Google Meet instead...
  13. BenFisher

    Any news on Google resuming GMB Reviews?

    Google did confirm that reviews are being backfilled for retail and food globally.
  14. BenFisher

    Trending Local Algorithm Update in April 2020?

    Was talking about this with Joy earlier, I have fielded quite a few calls from people asking if the sky is falling. All 3 calls (just today) were with companies that have exact match domain names and exact match keywords in listing names. (In compliance), BUT I do not think this is a major...
  15. BenFisher

    Any feedback? GMB Profile reported cannot get anyone to review and reinstate

    Toby, feel free to PM me the Name and Address of the lawyers, with a screenshot of the info tab. I can take a look at them and tell you if I see anything wrong. Social GMB cannot assist you right now and the reinstate team is backed up as Jason stated. Resubmitting the reinstatement form is...
  16. BenFisher

    My business got suspended and then reinstated but something weird happens

    Everything is pending at the moment. Support is also limited. Give it 3 days and if it is still pending reach out to support.
  17. BenFisher

    GMB Support

    Use this form:
  18. BenFisher

    My business got suspended and then reinstated but something weird happens

    Sounds like it is in a soft suspended state. Give it some time (72 hours) and it should be live and pending in your dashboard. Do not try and claim it, this sometimes happens during the reinstate process (especially these days)
  19. BenFisher

    Mass GMB Suspensions?

    Do not let them create a new listing. There is almost no way back from this if you are eligible. Please do not remove your old listing from the dashboard, if you do so recovery of reviews and ranking will be next to impossible.
  20. BenFisher

    Mass GMB Suspensions relating to Google Manager Access?

    If you are having mass suspension, do reach out to support, as they may be able to help you reinstate in bulk if there is no real issue.