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    Competitor Ad Spotted on Knowledge Panel

    Both Amazon and Ebay run competitive adverts on items. It is something I detest. Especially with Ebay the seller is paying to have their item listed and it is plagued with adverts for other items. I had a customer ring me thinking I was selling a competitors make of gas. When I asked why my...
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    Duck Duck Go (DDG)

    Three different answers - maybe someone should ask them.....
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    Google Adwords

    Thanks for your replies gents. No we didn't use incognito. Yes we did click on link Thank you for your suggestions Phil. As I said we have cancelled all Adwords and will see if it makes a difference to the number of customers. We will keep in mind what you say if we start another campaign
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    Can You Get a 5-Star Average on Google with Negative Reviews?

    I thought I read somewhere that Google was leaving old reviews out of the average calculation - I don't know if this is correct or what age they are left off
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    Google Adwords

    Good Afternoon, A friend of mine was paying Google each month for Adwords and on discussion we felt he was getting nothing for his money. We did a series of searches using terms that should find his business and he was not getting listed. If we searched for his company name then he came up...
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    Duck Duck Go (DDG)

    As far as I am aware it uses Google but without passing your details. It looks different to Google because Google gives you answers based upon your previous searches, which in my opinion is wrong. If two people on two different computers put in the same question to Google you will get two...