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  1. LisaB

    Removing 2 Duplicate GMB Listings

    My client's accurate GMB listing has been verified for years. But there are two duplicate GMB listing with old addresses. I have signed into my client's Gmail account and reported these duplicates at least 3 times over 6 months. But Google has not removed either duplicate listing, nor have I...
  2. LisaB

    GMB Listing Suspended

    Contractor client's Business Listing has been suspended. I've requested reinstatement and don't believe that the listing violated any terms. However, I think the Gmail account associated with the account was hacked and since Google is sending confirmation codes to a landline, I cannot change the...
  3. LisaB

    Gmail Phone Verification Goes to Landline

    My contractor client's GMB and YT were both suspended. I believe the Gmail associated with the account may have been hacked. When I try to change the Gmail password, Google's ONLY verification method is sending a text to client's Landline. There are no other options to verify. I've searched...