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    Bold and image in mobile listings

    I was looking thru local electrician on my iPhone using Chrome browser and saw this: Click on it then scrolling down showed me this: This is the first time I have ever seen a business name bolded in the listings, and the image too. Even the web listings has it. Has anyone seen this...
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    Non-personalized results from mobile searches on your phone

    I have gone over the hill both in life and in customers who find me using mobile devices above desktop. I would like to drive around to see how I rank in GMB (and organic) in various areas around me. How would you recommend I do that on my iPhone? Is it good enough to just use an Incognito...
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    Duplicate test in Descriptions

    About 10 years ago I made a website for my plumbing company and wrote 3 paragraphs for the homepage that I was very proud of, since I am horrible at writing. They spelled out what my company does and where and explained our mindset on service. Many friends and family complimented me on that...
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    Oddity in Search Console

    In my Search Console I have 44 pages submitted in my sitemap and the coverage shows that all 44 pages are valid and indexed. No issues with them. But oddly enough it only lists 27 pages in Mobile Usability. What about the other 17 pages? They are not listed as errors, just are just not...
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    Spam fighting questions

    I am a plumber and would like to do some spam fighting of other local plumbers, and I have some questions. I have been reading here and linked blog articles, but am still confused. I have a very old Google/Gmail account that I use for everything: my business, GMB, and also personal (I am a...