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  1. Claire Carlile

    Hotel ads 🏨 sneaking into the business profile 💰

    One of my clients just had hotel ads start showing in their business profile, they are UK based - they do offer accommodation but this isn't their primary service - their GMB listing makes no mention of lodging (aside from photos) nor do any of their categories reflect lodging. They don't...
  2. Claire Carlile

    Ongoing bug with Google posts? 🐛

    I have various posts showing in the front end that haven't actually been made in the GMB dashboard - the business profile is just showing uploaded images as posts. Example: Preseli Venture - Google Search Thus isn't a post - it's just an image upload - there are quite a few of these showing...
  3. Claire Carlile

    No 'message you' data showing in Customer actions

    I might have already asked this...anyone else NOT seeing any messaging data in Insights? All of my clients use messaging via the GMB app. None of them have ever used any other system. My clients don't get a TONNE of messages, but they do get some, and I'm not seeing data on any of their...
  4. Claire Carlile

    Goodbye Google product posts - I'll miss you 😭

    Anyone else feeling super sad about Google product posts going AWOL? I have a few clients that aren't don't have Products (Beta) in their GMB dash and they have all lost the ability to add product posts. They still have their old product posts showing in the 'products' tab in mobile - but...
  5. Claire Carlile

    Q&A Autosuggest Featuring Using Reviews, Q&A, Posts and Products Beta!

    I was reading around the topic of the autosuggest functionality on GMB Q&A yesterday - a couple of pieces I had read suggested that it was being populated purely from review content. Myself and Carrie Hill did some digging around and found that in fact it's now being populated from existing...
  6. Claire Carlile

    Difference between UK and US lead image in business knowledge panel

    I've been struggling with this for a while - while trying to influence the lead image shown in the business knowledge panel in the UK I've noticed that 'see photos' on *some* businesses links to aGoogle image search - rather than images on maps, examples are attached below. When a client isn't...