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  1. georgebizpro

    GMB keeps changing business website URL

    I have a client who changed their website URL a couple years ago. I've updated their GMB website URL at least 3 times and GMB keeps going in and changing it back to the old URL, which redirects to the new one. I've run an inbound link report on old website URL and am working with client on...
  2. georgebizpro

    Local Search Falcon - Competitor Zip Codes

    One thing I have been working on for clients who have either moved to a new location, or are planning out where their new office location should be located for Google My Business purposes, is using Local Falcon to identify which zip codes businesses who rank are located in. I'll export all of...
  3. georgebizpro

    Client's local rankings tanked in early/mid September, why?

    Hi all, was wondering if I could crowd-source an opinion for a client project I've been working on. Personal injury lawyer with 2 offices, have been in snack pack for years. In between September 9th and 16th all of their local rankings for one of their locations basically dropped off, at least...
  4. georgebizpro

    Trending [November 5, 2019 Local Algorithm Update] Unexplained big drops in GMB rankings

    Everywhere I've read has said that authority is being rewarded over proximity in Bedlam update. Maybe it's different dependent on the industry, I'm not really sure, but I surely haven't seen law firms with more authority being rewarded. I have a client who, for the past 5 years, has ranked in...
  5. georgebizpro

    Google June Broad Core Update Case Study: Keyword-rich domains back on the rise?

    Hello everyone, I've spent practically all day on a case study which takes a deep dive into rankings for 10 different websites which have keywords in the domain names. Following the latest launch of Google June Broad Core Update, every one of these 10 websites saw significant improvements to...
  6. georgebizpro

    State of SEO industry: a vent post

    Thanks to everyone for their responses! I agree with everything @JoyHawkins had to say. A big part of it is which type of law firm or attorney are they...criminal law is more volume-based, bankruptcy is more volume-based, divorce can go either way, but personal injury lawyers with the larger...
  7. georgebizpro

    State of SEO industry: a vent post

    I started my agency back in 2012, before that I was Director of SEO at a big website developer in the legal realm. I helped launch all of their SEO packages, managed all of their new SEO clients, built their SEO team before starting my own thing. My new agency would offer law firms market...
  8. georgebizpro

    Any solo guys/gals that host/maintain websites for clients?

    When I started building and hosting websites a few years ago, I used Bluehost. I never had any problem getting a customer service rep on the phone with Bluehost, they would always revert the website back to the most recent weekly/monthly backup if anything came up, and they're great with...
  9. georgebizpro

    Redirect https domain to another https website

    For anyone who runs into similar issues, here's how I resolved: 1) Added old domain to hosting account by pointing DNS 2) Installed a new LetsEncrypt SSL certificate for old domain in hosting account Redirect now works properly, without the error message. Thanks to @djbaxter for his help!
  10. georgebizpro

    Redirect https domain to another https website

    I have access to the old site server (we managed hosting), and Godaddy accounts for both old and new domain...
  11. georgebizpro

    Redirect https domain to another https website

    Correct! Only if you click in Google results. I understand it takes time for Google to adjust, which means new site will take time to replicate rankings, but in transition period I don't want client missing out on organic search traffic because of this error message popping up...
  12. georgebizpro

    Redirect https domain to another https website

    It redirects to the new site, but the privacy error pops up. So basically, if someone does a google search, client's old site comes up in results, and someone clicks on the result, they are taken to the new URL but the privacy error comes up, that's what I'm trying to fix. Redirect is setup as a...
  13. georgebizpro

    Redirect https domain to another https website

    I have a legal client, one partner split off and kept the old website (https) and I retained this partner and his new firm as a client. The new firm has a new domain (https) and we setup the old website to 301 redirect to the new website. However, we are having issues with redirecting the...
  14. georgebizpro

    March Core Quality Update - March 12, 2019

    What are reviews like? one thing I noticed for client who saw a huge boost, he 1) has 26 or so positive reviews, and 2) we added the reviews including markup language to the city landing page. We didn't do the same for his other location, not much increase/decrease, but for his money location we...
  15. georgebizpro

    March Core Quality Update - March 12, 2019

    One other thing I've just started considering is the E-A-T factor. The client which saw dramatic improvements has client testimonials directly on their GMB landing pages. The clients which saw little to no improvement, or drops, have no set author for the blog content, no testimonials or award...
  16. georgebizpro

    March Core Quality Update - March 12, 2019

    What I've noticed for clients organic traffic and rankings following last week's Google algorithm update. I've read a few articles that said some folks had noticed drops in rankings for sites which have spammy anchor text links, so maybe it's possible (since we don't do a lot of spammy link...
  17. georgebizpro

    What have been your most successful marketing method for landing new SEO clients?

    How have you been getting new SEO clients? You can select up to 2, feel free to chime in if you're using a method not listed.
  18. georgebizpro

    How to Sell Local SEO?

    I think improving views and brand awareness is something else that often goes overlooked in the sales process. As SEO's, it doesn't always have to be "we can get your phone ringing". I never sell keyword rankings, ie focusing on improving rankings for certain keywords, because what happens when...
  19. georgebizpro

    Client moved, been updating citations but rankings dropping

    Hi everyone, I have a client who recently changed addresses, business name, and phone number. It was a law firm, one of the partners split off but we wanted to keep the domain and GMB profile because of existing reviews and authority. We've been updating the new business NAP on third party...
  20. georgebizpro

    Regus Virtual Offices- Do They Work?

    Hi everyone, I have a client looking to add a second location. Personal injury law firm, considering going the Regus route. Normally I would automatically advise against it, but I've read a number of different online resources within the past year or so saying that SEO'ers have noticed...