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  1. StephanieNewton

    The most accurate Tool to show Local Search Result for Geo Targeting keywords?

    Hey @Gsmithmike, you might want to check out our Local Search Results Checker. It lets you search from differing proximities and get up-to-date search results: Local Search Results Checker - Google Results Checker Tool.
  2. StephanieNewton

    Google Listings Suspended

    Hi @jvinasco, GMB suspensions can be a real pain! I'd highly recommend cross-referencing the steps you've taken against this article by GMB Product Expert Ben Fisher. Suspensions can be triggered by things out of your control, or can result from minor issues you wouldn't think twice about. Ben...
  3. StephanieNewton

    Jason Brown on Fighting GMB Spam (Podcast)

    Oops, not enough coffee this AM clearly! Here's the right link to listen to Jason's episode now.
  4. StephanieNewton

    Jason Brown on Fighting GMB Spam (Podcast)

    Hey everyone, I'm sure you've all seen by now that BrightLocal has launched its own podcast, Adventures in Local Marketing. I just wanted to share our latest episode with you all here as it features none other than Sterling Sky's Jason Brown! In this episode Jason discusses the dangers of GMB...
  5. StephanieNewton

    Ranking tool for the local pack

    Thank you for the mention, @Colan Nielsen! @Chrisite I work for BrightLocal and am happy to chat about your needs and what might work for you if you fancy. Feel free to pop me a message if you like :D
  6. StephanieNewton

    BrightLocal / WhiteSpark / DBA Platform

    Hey, thanks for mentioning us @Eoghan_MomentFeed! @dave101 if you've got any questions in particular about BrightLocal citation building, please feel free to pop me a message and I'll try to answer those for you. As Eoghan mentioned, demo calls can be really helpful to get an understanding of...
  7. StephanieNewton

    Multi-Location Content Strategy

    Glad to be of help! I'd imagine you'd want to continue targeting your keywords, but overlapping those with location-specific content, too. I always recommend people to read Greg Gifford's blog on content silos when this question comes up, I think it paints a really clear picture of how to...
  8. StephanieNewton

    Multi-Location Content Strategy

    Hey there, I definitely agree with @pestmarketer's comments about building location-specific reviews, as well as creating more local content. I'd really recommend watching this webinar — it covers multi-location SEO and features answers to a bunch of commonly asked questions, which you may find...
  9. StephanieNewton

    Omg guys the spam is getting out of control

    Hi Joe, Ben Fisher, who's known for his spam fighting success, wrote a guide for us over at BrightLocal which you may find helpful. It gives step-by-step guidance to filling out Google's business redressal complaint form, including where to add the spreadsheet: How to Use Google's Spam...
  10. StephanieNewton

    Cheapest Citation NAP Correction Service

    Thank you for the mention @Nick 11 – that's great to hear you enjoyed the free trial!
  11. StephanieNewton

    Cheapest Citation NAP Correction Service

    Hi @PaulSteinbrueck! We do facilitate postcard verification, but phone verification is generally left with the customer. We do however provide detailed instructions and support to get that step of the process done — and that seems to work well for our current users. That said, our process does...
  12. StephanieNewton

    Cheapest Citation NAP Correction Service

    Thanks for the mentions @GabrielNwatarali and @s_banks! If anyone's interested in seeing what listing sites we do submit to, feel free to take a look here (or pop me a message if you've got a specific question :geek:)
  13. StephanieNewton

    Cheapest Citation NAP Correction Service

    Hi there, @consultant! You are right in thinking that BrightLocal is the most economical option when it comes to citation building services. And it's not a problem at all if you didn't submit through us initially, either. In regards to @whitespark's comment, I'd also just like to point out...
  14. StephanieNewton

    Webinar Local Search Clinic with Joy Hawkins May 20 @ 8am PT/11am ET

    Thanks for sharing David! Looking forward to seeing a few of you there on Wednesday :D
  15. StephanieNewton

    Is this a way to get review star icons for your own site in SERPs?

    Hi Georgie, It looks like this business is using local business aggregate rating schema. Just from a quick look I'd also speculate that they're not adhering to Google's guidelines because a) it's not immediately clear where the reviews are being sourced from and b) it's not referring to a...
  16. StephanieNewton

    Local Search Clinic with Phil Rozek (Online Reviews)

    Hi everyone! Many of you will probably have seen that we at BrightLocal have been hosting weekly live Q&A-style webinars to help answer people's questions about local search. So far we've had some amazing guests, including two brilliant Sterling Sky members — Colan and Jason! (You can catch up...
  17. StephanieNewton

    Local search query showing Knowledge Graph instead of Local Listings box

    Hello! This is an interesting query, but it's hard to investigate what the issue might be without a visual example. Are you able to supply a screenshot or link to the SERP? My intuition would be that Google is generating the KP because it's the closest match to the search query (because the...
  18. StephanieNewton

    GMB Listings

    Hey there, It's a-okay to have two separate listings for distinct locations. I take it they have separate signage, phone numbers, and obviously addresses? If so there's nothing in Google's guidelines that would go against that — assuming that (usually, outside of Covid-19 circumstances) both...
  19. StephanieNewton

    2 Businesses, Same Address, 1 local, 1 SAB

    Hey there, As far as I'm aware you don't actually need to include the address on a GMB listing for a service-area business. So in this case, when going through the GMB set up for your client's service-area business, Google will ask if you'd like to add an address. Here you can simply click 'No'...
  20. StephanieNewton

    Most Active Local Search Forum Members March 2020

    Hey, this is fun news! Thanks, Colan. And I have to echo Emily, thank you for making Local Search Forum such a great place to be active on :D