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  1. Srinath

    Dynamic matching of Google My Business categories to search queries?

    It looks like this was something Google introduced in mid or late 2018, jettisoned it and has brought it back now? I checked this week and am not sure I noticed it earlier this year.
  2. Srinath

    Optimizing GMB questions please

    Blog posts are additional weapons in your armory. I have a blog post for commercial locksmith in 4th position in a big midwest city, higher than the service page and the home page for that keyword. Each commercial locksmith job has much greater value than an auto or residential one. So working...
  3. Srinath

    Value of Citations? Citations had little to no impact?

    It's the same as backlinks, a good local/hyper-local citation is worth a 100 generic national ones. I run the existing citations through my own Top100 list which my team prepares at the start of any project and then focus on getting the balance over the duration of the project ( 3 or 4-month...
  4. Srinath

    Tutorial for Learning Google My Business API?

    Interested to collaborate on this.
  5. Srinath

    Too much home page text?

    From a UX perspective, reviewing a lot of Hotjar videos, user interest wanes or peters out as he/she nears the lower portions of the page and scrolling on mobile. Getting the best material in the top segments is what I aim to achieve.
  6. Srinath

    GMB Shortname - naming conventions

    Hello Carrie, I liked your tweet so much, I even posted it on a FB Group adding a baseball twist to it.
  7. Srinath

    Too much home page text?

    Late to the party. I know a couple of experienced folks had mentioned that Keyword density does not matter on the home page. My experience has been to the contrary. Two sites which were doing well tanked when we over-optimized the page. One went to page 2 on SERP and recovered as soon as we...