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    Share your favorite free Local SEO tools

    I think that would be okay for this thread.
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    Security Warning for Gmail and Calendar Users

    New Security Warning Issued For Google's 1.5 Billion Gmail And Calendar Users by Davey Winder, June 11, 2019 Read more...
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    Anyone notice these factors on Google Local Search since the update?

    An interesting article on the June update today at
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    Suggestions please re my 2 competing websites!

    There is no 310 status code. The Wikipedia link posted by @Mike Vannington refers to 301 redirection.
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    Is anyone else noticing Google displaying more consecutive same-site results?

    Google search update aims to show more diverse results from different domain names by Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Land June 6, 2019 Read more...
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    June 2019 Core Update - What Are You Seeing?

    Barry Schwartz has a nice post over at Search Engine Land on the winners and losers of this latest Google update in early analyses, and the results appear to be significant:
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    2019 MNSearch Summit

    Should that say 2019? Yes. Edited the anchor text for the link. :)
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    Should I Create a New Email Address For Citation Work?

    First, I did say That said, I agree the business owner should have access for a number of reasons but I think you're talking about extreme circumstances. I don't think most designers or SEO guys have any interest in holding their clients hostage and if they do they're not likely to reamin in...
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    Should I Create a New Email Address For Citation Work?

    That shouldn't be the case, unless it was the designer who set everything up including the hosting and did not give you access. As long as you, the client, has access to the server (host) and the registrar, no contractor can hold you hostage because you can change passwords and access at any time.
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    Car dealer with two dealership almost next to each other

    Over the last decade where I live, that situation has become commonplace, as various dealerships have been bought out and consolidated. Now, the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealership (owned by Dilawri) also owns the Kia dealership and they are side by side on the same street. The same company owns the...
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    LocalU Advanced - Denver, CO - Sept 19, 2019

    I would assume he looks just like his avatar? :unsure:
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    Critical Vulnerability Patched in Convert Plus Plugin v 3.4.3

    Critical Vulnerability Patched in Popular Convert Plus Plugin May 29, 2019 Read more...
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    Security vulnerability in WordPress Slick Popup Plugin

    Clarification from Wordfence: Slick Popup still has not released a fix.
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    Too much home page text?

    I would move the content and link to it from the home page. Again, it's not just about SEO. It's also about user experience.
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    Does responding to Google reviews in Dental Industry break Patient Confidentiality?

    That's correct. Also true in Canada.
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    Security vulnerability in WordPress Slick Popup Plugin

    Privilege Escalation Flaw Present In Slick Popup Plugin May 28, 2019 Read more...
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    Vulnerability Patched In WP Database Backup Plugin

    OS Command Injection Vulnerability Patched In WP Database Backup Plugin May 28, 2019 Read more...
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    Too much home page text?

    I'm not talking about keyword density per se. I've never paid much attention to that, not even back in the 90s - it's always been a bogus metric. I'm talking about a very long page that tries to cover several different topics: For me, that leads to the question what is the main topic of that...
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    Uploading videos to your posts

    If you want to include a video from Youtube or one of these other sites Apple Music Dailymotion Facebook Flickr Giphy Imgur Instagram Liveleak Metacafe Pinterest Reddit SoundCloud Spotify Tumblr Twitch Twitter Vimeo YouTube just click on the little...