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  1. Justin

    De-emphasizing Location

    We have a client who has a listing that pops up on the map. They?d prefer to have their other location (in the same city) show up. Anyone have advice as to how we can de-emphasize the location? Should we claim their directories and make it consistent, but only list NAP/W, categories (and any...
  2. Justin

    KML file format for multiple locations

    I saw Mike Blumenthal's recent post on multiple locations. In it, he mentions a tip to "Reference each of these local landing pages in the sitemap and the KML file for the site". Does anyone know the best format to use when making a KML file for a company that has multiple locations? Should you...
  3. Justin

    hCards for Multiple Locations

    If a company has multiple locations, should the hCard code all be placed on the same page or should there be individual pages for each location (and only have the hCard code for that location on that page)? Example: ABC Company has 3 locations: Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. Should they...