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    Still no verification after months of requests

    I work for an agency that manages clients listings on a bulk and individual basis. We bulk uploaded a client this summer but saw no verification after a few weeks. I have contacted Google on more than one occasion about this account through the places help portal. Each time they inform me they...
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    ATM Locations

    What are the best practices for listing ATM locations in Google? I've been searching around and have found conflicting answers. Some say they can't be listed because Google wants listings that have face-to-face interactions and others say it can be done via bulk upload. If it's possible through...
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    Interesting Search Results

    While browsing around Google, I began noticing some interesting search results as you can see in the attached. When searching using the brand name of colleges like National American University or Kaplan University, underneath the organic result is a pin marker and address. However, the...