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  1. JoyHawkins

    New Layout on Mobile for Branded Searches

    @TomW brougth this to my attention this morning. When you do a branded search on mobile, Google has morphed the organic results into the Knowledge Panel. You'll notice a couple new things about this SERP. First, the bar across the top that has Posts, Reviews, About etc (GMB listing...
  2. JoyHawkins

    June 2019 Core Update - What Are You Seeing?

    In case you didn't hear, Google is releasing a broad update to their core algorithm today. What are you guys seeing thusfar?
  3. JoyHawkins

    Free Webinar: Is Pay-to-Play the Future of Google My Business?

    Join Myles Anderson, Mary Bowling, Ben Fisher and Greg Gifford as they discuss the recent survey about paid Google My Business features. Register for the webinar here.
  4. JoyHawkins

    New 3-Pack Format With a Green Pin?

    I saw this format today for a bunch of self storage queries. It shows a green pin on the map for the 3-pack ad and it also has an A-D labelling on the left. Anyone else seeing this?
  5. JoyHawkins

    LocalU Advanced - Denver, CO - Sept 19, 2019

    I wanted to make sure you all knew that there is going to be another LocalU Advanced event this year! It will be in Denver, CO at University of Denver's Craig Hall and currently the Pre-Agenda pricing is only $599 (reg price is $949). They haven't released the full agenda yet, but you can...
  6. JoyHawkins

    New Discover Report in Search Console

    I am starting to see Discover tabs in Search Console and find it fascinating which URLs get highlighted in Google Discover so I thought I'd check to see what forum threads have been there in the last 30 days. It looks like this thread was featured around the end of April (when it was a trending...
  7. JoyHawkins

    *New* Advanced Local SEO Training Now Available Online

    Hey Guys, I'm very excited to announce that my advanced local SEO training has officially been moved to Wordpress. Formally we were doing it as an e-book but after getting past the 300-page mark, we knew it would be better to move it all online. We have also taken a lot of feedback into...
  8. JoyHawkins

    Please Welcome our New Sponsor, CitationBuilderPro

    Hey All, Please join me in welcoming the forum's newest sponsor - CitationBuilderPro. My team at Sterling Sky have been using them for quite a while to schedule Google Posts for our clients. They recently launched several other tools and include them in their GMB Briefcase which allows you...
  9. JoyHawkins

    Yelp Review Filter Just Got Stricter?

    Jason Brown posted this in our Facebook Group so I thought I'd check a client and yep, sure enough, he's lost reviews recently on Yelp as well. Maybe he'll be at 0 by the end of this year? :rolleyes:
  10. JoyHawkins

    New Free Tool from BrightLocal

    Hey Guys, I wanted to let you know that BrightLocal, one of of our forum's sponsors, *just* came out with another free tool that allows you to get the different Google IDs for any local business that exists in the Google Maps API (so it does not include Service Area Businesses). Check it out...
  11. JoyHawkins

    Please Welcome our New Sponsor - BrightLocal

    As I'm guessing some of you have noticed, the Local Search Forum has a new sponsor - Bright Local. As a very-long-time user of Bright Local, I'm excited to see them support the forum and advertise their tools to our audience here. If you aren't familiar with them yet, you can see a sample of...
  12. JoyHawkins

    Google My Business Suspensions Are Causing Reviews to Vanish

    I wanted to make you all aware of a trending issue that we've been seeing over at the Google My Business forum in the last week or so. Listings that are suspended and then reinstated are missing all their reviews. This isn't intended and Google is aware of the issue but it appears that thusfar...
  13. JoyHawkins

    New Dynamic BBB Logo

    I've had 2 clients get contacted in the last few weeks by the BBB because they're requiring them to use a new dynamic logo on their website. My one client asked us to completely remove the BBB logo from their website because they didn't like the fact that the new logo has a "click"...
  14. JoyHawkins

    Suspensions Triggered By Too Many Edits?

    I wanted to see if any of you have ever run into a case where adding too much to the listing in Google My Business at once triggers a suspension? Let's say you add UTM codes on the URL, add some attributes, a description & a services menu. Have you run into recent cases where changing too much...
  15. JoyHawkins

    Digital Marketing for Attorneys Online Summit

    Do you work with attorneys? If so, register for this free online summit that will include 8 online video training sessions. I will be speaking along with several other well-known faces in the Local SEO. Sessions include: A Complete Digital Marketing Strategy for Attorneys in 45 Minutes...
  16. JoyHawkins

    A New Way to Add Events on Google Maps

    Last week, I noticed a new feature on the Contributions tab inside the Google Maps app. It's called "Events" and when you click it, it prompts you to add an event to Google Maps. When you click it, it allows you to fill in the details of the event and publish it. I tried adding one to a...
  17. JoyHawkins

    Technical Issues Impacting Review Replies

    There is a known technical issue right now that is impacting some businesses' ability to reply to reviews. The number of complaints about this is growing and there appears to be no resolution at the moment. Users have been reporting that they get an error that says "error saving message" and...
  18. JoyHawkins

    Google Updates the GMB Guidelines

    Over the weekend, Google added a couple sentences to the GMB guidelines. In the "Business description guidelines" they added the following: I'll be honest--I can't really see any use case where someone would want to add irrelevant content but there is always a reason for guideline changes so...
  19. JoyHawkins

    Huge News: A New Way to Report Spam on Google My Business

    Marrissa Nordahl from Google just posted an announcement that there is a new way for users to report offenders that are spamming on Google Maps/Google My Business. You can now do so by filling in this form which will submit a report to the Google My Business team. Another huge announcement...
  20. JoyHawkins

    When Should you File a Disavow?

    This is a question that comes up a lot. When is it a good idea to file a disavow? Is it risky because you might actually remove link juice from links that are helping you (even though they're spammy)? Marie Haynes just published a guide on this and says you likely don't need to file a...