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    best url names for seo purposes

    No, in fact that is encouraged. The page needs to be relevant to that keyword or phrase and have good quality content.
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    best url names for seo purposes

    Before you purchase a domain, I would look at Lean Domain Search | Find a great domain name in seconds and put in your keyword. If you are doing video marketing, try that in the search. It usually brings up thousands of domains. I have found a couple gems for a few different niche websites I am...
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    Citations and Organic Rankings

    It may not be the reason, but I would look to get those fixed. What all changed with the NAP?
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    Can i add location or service area with the business name with multiple locations?

    Yeah, it's definitely against the rules. That being said, if the business name is actually Cellphone Spot Inc. West Hollywood, Google says it is fine. I feel it is better to build on the brand then to try and game the system and change the business names for each location.
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    Is domain registration privacy an issue for trust or local ranking?

    Wow. Thank you for posting that.
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    Two Businesses, Same Address

    Well that is unfortunate. Thanks for the information.
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    Two Businesses, Same Address

    One business seems to be mainly focused on hydronic heating which uses hot water in the floor or walls to heat the house. The other seems to be more of the traditional HVAC company. It does say it is a division of the other business though. I will have to ask about some of those other things.
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    Two Businesses, Same Address

    I think this is the correct spot, but if it isn't, go ahead and move it Linda! We have a client that has two businesses at the same location. They do very similar things, one seems to have an extra service niche that the other doesn't. They have the same address but different business names...
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    Best Course of Action when a Client Can't Get Access to their Google+ Page

    I have run into this issue multiple times as well. It is a big pain. The one and only time I have been able to remedy this was to actually contact Google. Use the contact us link here to get in contact with Google. I had someone from...
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    Is domain registration privacy an issue for trust or local ranking?

    Do you have a link to some of the patents? I have never heard or read anything about the domain privacy helping or hurting in anyway.
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    Website Redesign & Impact on 7 Pack

    Are you only looking at migrating off of Hubspot just because you are not utilizing the tools? Every website redesign I have seen or been apart of there almost always a drop in rankings initially. It's just part of the game. But if you have a plan you mitigate the length. Moz actually had an...
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    Is domain registration privacy an issue for trust or local ranking?

    Like others have said it's kind of hard to tell. From all of the stuff I have read where people have broken down the 200 things that they think Google looks into to rank your site, I don't remember seeing anything about registration privacy on domains be one of them. If it would be a little...
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    Numerous Complaints about GoDaddy's Locu Menu Links on Google Local Pages

    They are on to you! :D Locu is the only one of the menu services that show menus for outside of the industry? Do they ever get the menu right for other industries outside of food?
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    Animated Cover Photos?

    I didn't realize you could do that...that's cool. To help with the load time, it might be better to have a much smaller gif. Something like a twinkle that is only a few frames.
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    Numerous Complaints about GoDaddy's Locu Menu Links on Google Local Pages

    I have never noticed those links before. I will have to look over our client's G+ pages to see if they have any menus. I went through each of the examples you posted because I had never noticed them before and all the menu pages were 404s. It doesn't make sense to me that support...
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    Is domain registration privacy an issue for trust or local ranking?

    When you mention website trust are you talking about a visitor or a search engine spider?
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    Will New gTLD Domains Like .dentist Boost SEO Rankings???

    Wow, I expected the new gTLD's to not have any effect on ranking or in the case of Globe Runner's AdWords test, CPC. The difference in CPC for the two domains is incredible. I might talk to our Analysts about this and maybe do our own experiment. I just don't understand why the domain would...
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    Business Location Change

    What I have done is just edit the Google+ page. The name will take a few days to update but you might have to re-verify the listing.
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    Yelp just cost me a client

    Wow, that is frustrating. We have had a couple of client's we are running local campaigns for that have seen a boost in rankings and citations but couldn't see the value in continuing our service. Sometimes it is tough to try and articulate why they need this or that. Generally I don't deal...
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    Hey Big Spender! What Industries Spend the Most on Local Search + Get the Best Return

    Great article Linda, thanks for sharing it. BrightLocal has put some great content lately with these surveys. I haven't reached out to our account managers yet to see if they see of the same kind of thing with their clients. I was a little surprised at the first chart showing which industries...