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  1. foxxr

    Can We Put a "Top Rated on Google" Badge on a Website?

    Is there any harm in creating a "Top Rated on Google" badge and placing it on a website? The client has 100's of five-star reviews. All legit. I couldn't find any documentation that would indicate a violation.
  2. foxxr

    Local Keyword Research Process

    Does anybody have a process to share for local keyword research? It seems to be our largest time suck. Ours is as follows: Keyword Research Process for Local SEO Client Intake - Client to list all revenue generating services - Use this tool to discover Google Suggest keywords...
  3. foxxr

    Phone number as URL?

    Here is a new one for you folks. I have a new prospect I am meeting with that has his 7-digit phone number as his URL. His domain has been live since 2005. He needs plenty of SEO advice, but I am perplexed on advising him on this odd URL. Any suggestions?
  4. foxxr

    Optimizing Client for Larger Market

    We have a client located here in Santa Cruz that ranks well on their targeted keywords, but it doesn't really matter because there is no traffic. They would like to tackle San Jose, which is a much larger market. Should we create new geo targeted pages with unique (more costly approach) for...
  5. foxxr

    Multiple locations for brick and mortar, plus service business

    I have a new client with 3 laundry mat locations (spread across 15 miles) and a mobile service for laundry pickup - 4 businesses total. Each laundry mat has it's own name, but the service consists of one name. Should I suggest to my client to create a Google+ local page for each physical...