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  1. rustybrick

    Is this new?

    It was a bug, Google should have fixed it last night.
  2. rustybrick

    GMB Insights Reporting Bug?

    So this is not widespread?
  3. rustybrick

    Google: BBB or Other Trust Building Sites not used for Ranking

    I am sorry for misleading you.
  4. rustybrick

    👀 GMB Products and Services Option

    Is it new? I mean, showing the products and services there?
  5. rustybrick

    Google Speed Update: If you have a fast site, making it faster won't boost rankings

    That is because Google won't say which metric is fast enough.
  6. rustybrick

    GMB Knowledge Panels Showing Less Often?

    I was telling Bill that I tried 50+ local business names, all but one came up with a right panel.