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  1. Les Zeppelin

    Fully removing a listing from Maps

    So this just happened: An elderly gentleman had just walked (for him) a fair old distance thinking that we serve customers. The problem is we are just head office and don't actually serve customers from here in any way. Someone at some point added our head office to Google maps and sure...
  2. Les Zeppelin

    How would you handle this tricky situation?

    Hi, I need some advice! This is quite complicated so I'll be as simple as I can. My business is split in half into two core services. One side sells mobility aids (wheelchairs, mobility scooters etc), the other sells hearing aids. For one of our branches, we have sold the mobility aid side of...
  3. Les Zeppelin

    swapping business service focus

    Hi, I hope this isn't too confusing. To explain, we are a business which is almost split in half into two complimentary (but distinctly separate) services. Without getting too specific, we offer services to the elderly community so one half of our business focuses on services to do with...
  4. Les Zeppelin

    'Disavowing' citations

    Hi, I hope you good people can help! I wrote a giant background to my problem but decided to delete it because I'm not sure how relevant it was (plus my situation is so confusing I was confusing myself, let alone you guys). In the simplest terms I can mange, my problem is this. I work for an...