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    How to Tell if GMB listing is already "Claimed"?

    The Situation: In an effort to "get my feet wet" again, I've volunteered my time and expertise to help a local non-profit fraternal organization to do basic, local SEO. Meaning claim all the citation services & sites, make the NAP consistent, etc... The organization has been around for...
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    Backlinking Citations: Is this a "Thing"?

    Just sitting here at my desk atm, thinking, pondering, theorizing and now "spitballing". I wonder if there would be any value to backlinking citations. At this point in my guesswork, I think the question boils down to, whether or not citations have a "set value" to Google, no matter what their...
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    New, Small Business Located Inside Larger, Established Business: What Should I Have Done?

    This is about a previous client, my first, when I first became aware of LSEO. I was self-taught, highly-motivated, etc... but in retrospect think I might have either made mistakes, or should have done things differently. This question is an attempt to learn the lessons of the past, in order to...
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    What is "Google My Business"? and Is it any Different than "Google Maps"?

    Some background first: I started out doing computer repair, found a medical practice that was disatisfied with the person that built their website, learned about WordPress, from there learned about LSEO (on and off page) from various places online. At the time I thought I knew quite a bit, but...
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    North Face tried to scam Wikipedia to get its products to the top of Google search

    Just had to share this. There isn't a "Lounge" sub-forum here, so I took my best guess.