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  1. Yan Gilbert

    Google Trends vs Autocomplete

    Coming off of this discussion about Google Medic type algorithm changes and a possible forced manipulation of results: Did the June 2019 update bury quack medical sites? - Local Search Forum Which referenced this article...
  2. Yan Gilbert

    Phone number in organic search

    Any insights why Google is giving this an extra line in the SERP. Shows for desktop and mobile. The page has no schema or anything that I can see that makes it special. Basic terribly optimized government site tbh.
  3. Yan Gilbert

    Does content placement matter?

    Saw this on Twitter... not sure if it was even said and if so, if it is accurate. Garry Illyes: "ordering of content on mobile may impact how you rank", "when you move something up higher on the page, it would be better for that page appearing in search results" John Mueller: "useful content...
  4. Yan Gilbert

    Do Local Citations all have to be the same?

    Just bringing this up for discussion.... Many of us [SEOs] spend time going through citations to make sure that the NAP data is all the same. I think this used to be much more important in the past than it is now to be honest, as Google's algorithm has improved enough to be able to deal with...
  5. Yan Gilbert

    Does Duplicate Content Hurt Local Rankings?

    So I noticed today that a large web design company that specializes in the health field is reusing the same content for their clients. I noticed a few duplicates when researching and then I searched in Google using full sentences in quotes, pages of content with 500-800 words were all the...
  6. Yan Gilbert

    Dealing with New Clients - Accessing Information Question

    Hi. I am transitioning over from general internet marketing into getting clients for local. I have some questions about getting started with clients' information. How do you deal with getting access to online profiles for example? I know that Managers can be added to Google products so I can...