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    Changing to Google My Business social media icon from Google Plus Icon

    Hi Linda, Should I change all my clients' websites Google Plus Social Media badge/icon to the new Google My Business social media icon? I don't see a lot of websites transitioning to this and the Google+ Icon is much more recognizable right now. Plus, the new Google My Business icon does not...
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    Google Phone Support Told Me I can Ignore Duplicates

    I called Google phone support to delete a duplicate listing. I cannot get into the account to delete it. But Google said it doesn't matter because it is an unverified page and will not show up on Google Maps. The only way someone would see this is if they were signed in to Google Plus and...
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    Knowledge Graph - Incorrect NAP Reviews

    With the "more reviews" button on the knowledge graph, if the more reviews connect to the wrong business (with a similar name), how can you change this? For example, a franchise with different locations. Example: Sign-A-Rama is my client. They are located in Libertyville, IL. Their reviews on...