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    Rankings have changes

    Hello I have asked the same question a few times but never got an answer. I have been keeping an eye on the increase in impressions of a number of bed shops in London. I am doing this as I noticed that my client stopped appearing in the local search listings under the term 'Bed Shop'. I have...
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    Local Pack Suddenly Changed

    I have noticed something odd happen with local search results about 1-2 months ago. I work with a Bed Shop and they were top page for the search term ?Bed Shop? in Local pack. Then suddenly (overnight) the whole local pack changes and now it?s showing big brands under than term. There is no...
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    Ranking of a bed shop suddenly changed

    I have a problem with a client of mine. Let me tell you the back story. about 8 months ago we did a lot of work on the G+ Local page of a bed shop here in London. They were unranked under the term 'Bed Shop' back before we started, but quickly rose to number 4 (D) in the local listings. We were...