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  1. iwritewebcopy

    GMB Product Catalog Uploads

    I was research Google Merchandise Center which allows for a spreadsheet upload. One consultant suggested finding someone on and look up 'Bid Strategy Manual CPC' to enter all products. Can you test the same product at all 8 locations against some hypothesis? You are able to...
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    Local SEO and Fiverr

    Hi so this is probably a very basic question. I was on Fiverr looking for another service and typed in Local SEO out of curiosity. Here was one of the results for someone who can do Local SEO for $5 (or more)...
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    Spreadsheet with Directory Specs

    Sorry it took so long to respond... thank you for this! My boss was looking for something else which I ended up building from scratch.
  4. iwritewebcopy

    Spreadsheet with Directory Specs

    Hey all, Is there a spreadsheet out there with specs (character count, etc.) for listings like Google, FB, YP, Manta, etc that is free? My supervisor wants me to compile something for a knowledge piece but I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Thanks!
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    How do you deal with

    I messaged their FB page. They did not respond but the wrong number was fixed a week later. But now there is a duplicate with the wrong number and a listing with the right one. Grrr.. Apparently you have to be super specific
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    FB message for Customer service

    That one actually did not respond to me BUT the wrong number was fixed a week later.
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    GMB Suspensions After Being Granted Access

    To add, our business does not have a GMB agency account and I am claiming with a gmail then turning over to the owner of the business with myself as a manager. Could this be screwing us up?
  8. iwritewebcopy

    GMB Suspensions After Being Granted Access

    Both businesses are out of the home. The first one is for the Marketing company I work for. We registered with the owner's home address but it shows the service area (WI and MI.) The second is a home inspector who visits clients onsite.
  9. iwritewebcopy

    GMB Suspensions After Being Granted Access

    We are getting suspended shortly after Google's suggested edits appear in our inbx. When we click the link to reject their changes, the account is suddenly suspended... any insights???
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    Competitor using UPS Store

    Don't forget about Facebook, Apple and Bing. All verifiable.
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    FB message for Customer service

    Just had to share with this community. I have gotten responses from directories via FB message on citations that need fixing. In particular on citations for YP,, superpages and others that had me banging my head against the wall. Prompt service, too I might add. Its been awesome...
  12. iwritewebcopy

    Yahoo Local Tool

    I thought Yahoo and Yext were totally connected? Yext doesn't make things any easier on my end. How is this separate, may I ask? I would like to try if I am not working with Yext.
  13. iwritewebcopy

    Unable to Add Free Listing To YP Due To "" sales.

    Phone customer service is really great so I would try that first. Internet Explorer is better than Safari in general with this site - thats what one of the reps told me. I too have had trouble recently, even with user suggested claims. They say yes online, when claiming, that it will post...
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    Telemed Listings

    That is great advice. Thank you so much!
  15. iwritewebcopy

    Import data from Google My Business in Bing Places for Business

    In that case I wouldn't import. Both are established. You are established so you are set. I am finding with other directories that duplicate listings are generated with any extraneous activity. Going forward, if you not have a Bing presence or a claimed Bing presence, use your GMB claim...
  16. iwritewebcopy

    Telemed Listings

    Good morning! My client is a chiropractor who specializes in sciatica. He is branching out into telemedicine because there is a type of sciatica that can be treated at home. His telemed business is called Sciaticoach. Here's the website: Sciaticoach There is no address, no number...
  17. iwritewebcopy

    Yelp Algorithm

    Hi there again! I have a client who is a whiz at what he does but not great at in person service. This last part is not likely to change any time soon so the people who have his product are THRILLED and the people who walk away - don't even buy it - write up negative reviews. His Yelp page...
  18. iwritewebcopy

    Issue Claiming Already-Claimed Listings

    My client had this issue as well! Sorry, late to the party on this one. We weren't shown the hint, entered info, only given postcard verify option. When we got the postcard and entered the code, it showed as duplicate. When customer support gave us a hint, we have no clue. We contacted...
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    Task management for teams or to do list?

    Our team finds Asana beautifully simple
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    Business named after Video Game

    Good morning, I'm auditing Local SEO for a business named after a popular video game (not Fortnite but close.) Is there anything we can do on the Local SEO end to give them better ranking? I know content and SEO is going to help but they just do not show up in the search because they chose...