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    GMB - Two businesses at one address

    They are not the same business and one has reviews. One has completed their GMB listing fully. The other has completed the business name and address only google search and maps.
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    GMB - Two businesses at one address

    Hi I have an issue where two GMB listings are located at the same address. There is only one business registered and verified at this address. Is the recommended action to contact google support via email or phone to explain the situation that i would like to remove the other GMB listing?
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    Does my GMB short name have to match the business name for my listing to be optimised?

    Thanks for the link. My business is located at three different locations i would be interested to know what to use as the short name for each location: For example: business name + location /SmithsLawyersLondon /SmithsLawyersManchester
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    Does my GMB short name have to match the business name for my listing to be optimised?

    I would like to abbreviate my shortname for my GMB listing. For example the name of the business is "PJ Solicitors Ltd". Could i change the short name to PJ Solicitors " excluding Ltd. thanks
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    Removing My GMB listing

    Hi @Colan Nielsen Thanks for the answer. Please could you expand abit more on the eligible based on the quality guidelines.
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    Removing My GMB listing

    Hi I would like to remove a GMB listing that i setup for my company. The business hasn't moved or closed down i would simply just like to remove it from google search and maps. What option in GMB do i choose to remove the listing. I don't want someone to google the business name in the...
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    Verbiage on Unclaimed GMB pages: "Own this business?" (KP) / "Claim this business" (Maps) vs. "Manage this listing"

    Hi I was looking at my companies GMB listings today. The company has 3 GMB listings located in 3 different cities. I noticed "manage this listing" appears next to "suggest an edit". The GMB listings are published. Should i take any action as when i click on "manage this listing" it opens up...
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    Building Citations to a webpage

    How to i build citations to a webpage that has got two different NAP's and phone numbers?
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    GMBs have the same NAP

    Hi Folks What is the latest do's and dont's on having two GMB listings registered to the same address (NAP). thanks
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    Google Set To Monetize Google My Business?

    I too thought sooner or later google would charge one for a GMB listing. If google were to be business savvy, they would invest the money back into the product improving the features and support?
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    GMB category named "POI Establishment" - what is that?

    @rustybrick published an article Google My Business: POI Establishment Category which is worth a read.
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    GMB category named "POI Establishment" - what is that?

    "POI Establishment" was automatically added to additional categories without my approval for various verifed listings over the last week? Should one remove this particular category?
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    How to list a mobile business that doesn't have a fixed address

    Hi How would one create a GMB listing for a riverboat restaurant that doesn't have an address?
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    Change in GMB Business name for lawyers industry

    Hi When auditing citations in the law industry, does it make a difference in regards to ranking in the local three pack to have the keyword "solicitors" or "lawyers" in the business name.
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    Possible conflict of building duplicate citations

    I would think in recent years google is using machine learning to better understand citation NAP's?
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    Possible conflict of building duplicate citations

    The business is in the construction industry. The business is registered to a commercial address
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    Possible conflict of building duplicate citations

    Hi I have a client who has two separate companies registered at the same address (NAP). My goal is to build citations to one the companies at this address. I assume there would be a conflict with duplicate citations? What is the best way to proceed with building citations? thanks
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    Auto Fill Form Chrome Extension

    Hi Can anyone suggest an auto form filler chrome extention when building citations? Basically i am looking for a chrome extention that allows you to autofill the NAP etc for citations? thanks
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    The Future of GMB

    Hi I would be interested to know peoples thoughts about the future of GMB, do people see it as a google product that evolves over time adapting to voice search and alike. I think it is a great product. thanks Ollie