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    Google My Business Listing Claiming Link

    You need to send your website to google. I think you van send it on Google search console.
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    How do you write a Google review?

    Thank you for your assistant on writing a Google review.
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    Is this SEO or is it Consultant Process?

    You need to target your customer base. I target locals with Facebook.
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    Backlink Strategy for Brick and Mortar Gift Shop

    Google local like a lot of content. You need to make sure you have a copy write code on your website too.
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    Local SEO

    I had reduced the number of words on my website about 3 weeks ago. This caused a major decline on local SEO. I spent this morning adding more words. Hopefully this will increase my content Chris
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    Local SEO

    Thank you Chris
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    Local SEO

    Web content is the textual, visual, or aural content that is encountered as part of the user experience on websites. It may include—among other things—text, images, sounds, videos, and animations, How do I keep it simple and include this in my website? Thanks Chris
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    Local SEO

    More words on each page ?
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    Local SEO

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    Local SEO

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    Local SEO

    You google my key words "Income Tax Fillmore" My website is number five. The ones above me are directory listings.
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    Local SEO

    My website keeps moving down to competitor directory listings for local SEO. I leave do follow back links and anchor text links?
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    Home Business Address Listing?

    I am totally confused. I leave do follow back links for local SEO. My website keeps moving down?
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    Google June Broad Core Update Case Study: Keyword-rich domains back on the rise?

    Thank you for your information. It is very interesting
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    Popular SEO Beliefs That Make No Sense At All

    A major factor is age of domain and not to have any errors with your website software.
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    Do follow anchor text sites list

    I already use drop my link I have tried Googling for list with no results Thanks,
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    Do follow anchor text sites list

    I am still looking for a do follow anchor text site list. I live for SEO. It seems that way with the time it takes
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    Local SEO

    Keep it simple. If I share to my Google plus account, will it automantically be a do follow on my Google plus account. Do I need to do something with my Google plus account? Kindly keep it simple what I need to do Thanks in advance, PS I beat the yelp listings. I use anchor text to link to a...
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    Why is this happening and is it fair?

    Yelp has created tons of work for Google. Now Google has to deal with the slander issue of competitors leaving bad reviews. Back to my question. How do I move above Yelp for local SEO ?
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    Do follow anchor text sites list

    I am looking for a do follow anchor text sites list. I already use Drop My link online. Any assistance would be appreciated Thanks in advance