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  1. Colan Nielsen

    Reputation Reviews When Relocating

    Yes for GMB you just update your address in your dashboard. Reviews should stick if they don't you can just contact GMB support. Pretty sure Facebook and Yelp are the same.
  2. Colan Nielsen

    Can a home based business list address on GMB?

    Yes just make sure that you have visible signage or you might run into issues with Google or Google Maps users reporting your listing.
  3. Colan Nielsen

    Category change issue

    Hey Ryan, sounds like it was denied or auto-edited back. Can you share a screenshot showing the categories with the strike through?
  4. Colan Nielsen

    Backlinking to GMB Listing

    There was some testing done years ago but nothing recently. So nobody really knows for sure if it would be beneficial. We're doing some testing around this at Sterling Sky and we'll likely report our findings here at some point in the next few months.
  5. Colan Nielsen

    Get Email Notification for Google Review but not showing in Dashboard

    I could see this being related to the listing being reinstated shortly before the review was left. I say this because historically there have been bugs related to reinstatements and reviews going missing. I would ask the review to edit and re-publish the review. Also, if you want to share...
  6. Colan Nielsen

    GMB Business Claiming Can't receive mail

    There is another option that I typically recommend in this situation. Especially if you want your address to be visible on your GMB. I'm not saying Phil's suggestion is wrong, just that there is more than one way to go about this. What I would do is request the postcard anyway to the correct...
  7. Colan Nielsen

    Google My Business Updates the Guidelines for Practitioners

    Hey Rich, yes the hours aren't supposed to overlap. If it varies I would put in the "most" accurate hours. Have them match what's on the website at the very least. I've yet to see Google penalize for getting the hours wrong. The only time I have seen GMB support scrutinize the hours was when...
  8. Colan Nielsen

    Service Areas and Physical Address

    @BipperMedia No doubt and nobody would disagree with that. What we are saying and what we are seeing in our testing is that adding service areas inside Google My Business in and of itself does not increase your rankings in those areas.
  9. Colan Nielsen

    Service Areas and Physical Address

    We haven't seen this come to fruition yet. As Joy mentioned in the other thread we are actively testing this.
  10. Colan Nielsen

    Service Areas and Physical Address

    Yes that is exactly what I meant. Thanks Caroline!
  11. Colan Nielsen

    Google My Business Updates the Guidelines for Practitioners

    Hey Patricia, yes that is still the case.
  12. Colan Nielsen

    [GMB Bug Alert] Listings Not in GMB After Accepting Manager Invite

    The issue seems to be impacting newly created listings as well - Google Help
  13. Colan Nielsen

    [GMB Bug Alert] Listings Not in GMB After Accepting Manager Invite

    There seems to be a bug right now affecting users when they accept an invite to manager a GMB page. The invite seems to be accepted but the listing does not appear in the dashboard. We're asking Google for confirmation on whether this is a bug or something else. Is anyone experiencing this?
  14. Colan Nielsen

    Google My Business Updates the Guidelines for Practitioners

    @Adam Bament Is the practitioner retired or have they moved to a new office?
  15. Colan Nielsen

    Examples of Amazing Local Landing Pages - List them Here!

    This page receives several conversions each month and ranks well for its core queries. Not the prettiest page in the world but man does it convert well - Private Investigator Bronx | Serving The Bronx For Over 50 Years!
  16. Colan Nielsen

    How Does a Business Deal with Fake Reviews?

    Hey Dat, when you say you tweeted GMB, did you send them a DM with a document outlining the suspicious reviews? GMB won't take action on reviews on the premise that the user doesn't use a real name. Google is fine with that. But you might have a shot art having Google take action on a sudden...
  17. Colan Nielsen

    Local seo tools and software

    It really depends what you are trying to accomplish. Bright Local is probably the tool that we use the most at Sterling Sky. Some others I would look into for Local SEO purposes: Local Falcon Places Scout ahrefs SEMRush
  18. Colan Nielsen

    Do keywords in your GMB description matter?

    I was at the event where Google mentioned this and I can also confirm from our own testing that it does not impact ranking.
  19. Colan Nielsen

    GMB link to homepage instead of building location pages to link to?

    Hey @Mindquest got it. So if you already rank in those areas with your homepage for organic and in the 3-pack that's great! The location pages would be less valuable in this case but again I would still build them for the sake of overall relevance and with the goal that one day those location...
  20. Colan Nielsen

    "Finish Up" Option For New Listings

    Hey @Tyson LinkNow it looks like it might be a bug I just haven't seen this particular scenario before. If you're comfortable posting a thread on the Google my business forum and sending me a link to the post I can escalate it to Google for you. I'd also try hitting publish again in 24 hours to...