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  1. Grabgooglesgoogles

    Claiming Public Spaces & Places

    Hi guys, A town hall has asked me to investigate claiming local spaces which they manage, such as parks, sports centres, churches, etc. Having spoken to GMB support they tell me it's not possible to claim parks, as there's nowhere to receive the verification mail. I just wanted to cross...
  2. Grabgooglesgoogles

    Changing GMB website from Facebook page to new website

    Hi all! I've recently started working with a local gastropub in Spain. They've had their Facebook page linked to from GMB as their website for several years, and the FB has several links and citations built around it. They get lots of activity via GMB, with 500 +/- actions per month. They've...
  3. Grabgooglesgoogles

    Sudden loss of ranking and deindexing of homepage

    Hi guys, Company name: Farmacia Ronda de Triana Website: Farmacia Ronda de Triana | cerca de ti en Triana, Sevilla Tactics: New website, local citations, a few local links, GMB optimisation, work on reviews, etc I'd really love some help with a local pharmacy. I started on their project in...
  4. Grabgooglesgoogles

    Verified and optimised GMB listing doesn't show up on maps when viewing the street (unlike every other local business which does).

    Hi! I was wondering if someone might give me some pointers/things to check to make my business show up on Maps. The business is Clínica Silos Bormujos, a dental clinic on "Avenida del Aljarafe", a road in the village of Bormujos. If you search the business by name (first blue link) it appears...
  5. Grabgooglesgoogles

    GMB Categories: Dentist + Dental Clinic

    Hi guys, first time post- let me know if in correct place! Also I've looked around but can't find anything directly touching on the topic. Without thinking more of it I had originally categorised my first client as both a dentist and dental clinic (they're a general dental practice in southern...