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  1. rickvidallon

    3 doctors, 3 locations

    This is a quick dummy schema for my understanding for multi-GMB listings allowed under on locale since doctors are rated individually. Big Deal Medical Specialty Group PLLC - Norfolk, VA (Main GMB) - Dr A - Gastroenterologist - attached GMB - Dr B- Hematologist - attached GMB - Dr C - Thoratic...
  2. rickvidallon

    Replying to Customer Reviews on GMB

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. It is greatly appreciated.
  3. rickvidallon

    Adding Custom Services to GMB

    Joy Hawkins posted in here that Google has added, for some industries, new service options that these businesses can choose. (plumbers, music schools, piano instructors, and more. I tried doing this in my listing; but when I click save settings I get an error meesage 'Something went wrong...
  4. rickvidallon

    Replying to Customer Reviews on GMB

    I'm still on the fence. Think I would rather have a short scroll since adding replies will make for a much longer scroll for potential customers to see more of my reviews.
  5. rickvidallon

    Replying to Customer Reviews on GMB

    I have +50 great reviews which are a mix or current and past reviews. Back when I started doing this Google did not encourage that businesses reply to great reviews; but only to negative ones. In any case I thought it best not to reply to all my positive reviews to prevent long scrolling. (make...