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  1. Nick.SEOSpark

    Top Local UK Citation Sources

    Awesome Nick! Thanks a lot for sharing. Great resource. I'm looking forward to seeing David Mihm's latest UK Local Search Ecosystem that I've been hearing about.
  2. Nick.SEOSpark

    It's Official: Google Buys Waze for a Billion to Enhance Google Maps

    Interesting! I always have enjoyed using Waze as a neat little app. I never imagined that Google would buy it though.
  3. Nick.SEOSpark

    Google?s 200 (Organic) Ranking Factors - Infographic

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing Linda. I've been away due to all sorts of new house issues, but back now. I actually didn't know about the "WhoIS Privacy" (being turned on), being a "red flag" to Google.
  4. Nick.SEOSpark

    How do you tackle multiple clients in one industry?

    Yes, I very much like Linda's pricing. I think that everyone "ideally" wants monthly pricing because of the lure of "passive income" but it actually has some subtle disadvantages. I've also found that it's not financially viable to a lot of small businesses. They prefer a "one-off" package. So...
  5. Nick.SEOSpark

    If You Aren't Making Money as a Local SEO Consultant You Aren't Alone

    Yeah, this is really great advice. If you simply say that you "do SEO", it's really not a compelling sales pitch. In fact, the phrase has (unfortunately) received a bad name from all the cowboys that sell it each day. We can see from Moz (who have just rebranded) that even they are trying to get...
  6. Nick.SEOSpark

    Penguin effect on Local? A quick story.

    It may be incorrect (or perhaps not) but I just don't go for exact match anchor text anymore. It just seems to risky in light of the fear in the aftermath of the Penguin update. I figure that if you have good On-page and a good link profile, you will have secure rankings for your keywords, and...
  7. Nick.SEOSpark

    Building External Links to "Inner Pages"

    Hey All, I'd really like to open up this topic to ideas. Essentially, I want to get ideas on sources/link building tactics aimed at the inner pages, often city landing pages. We've recently been discussing ranking in other cities, and this is very much part of that (on the organic side)...
  8. Nick.SEOSpark

    How to Rank in Surrounding Cities In Google Local

    Thanks for that really in-depth analysis Linda! Really helpful on this topic. Personally, I've always preffered to go down the "organic" route similar to the methods that Miriam outlines here: SEO Igloo Blog ? The Nitty Gritty Of City Landing Pages For Local Businesses and Phil here: 16 Ways...
  9. Nick.SEOSpark

    How to find Citation Sources as a PRO?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share this process. I look forward to giving it a whirl myself.
  10. Nick.SEOSpark

    Bing Local In UK, Canada, India and Germany

    That's an awesome find! Thanks Jo! :D
  11. Nick.SEOSpark

    Dentist client getting calls about free clinic services

    Hi Chris, Have you checked in Google Webmaster Tools on the "traffic -- search queries" section, to see if he is ranking for any "cheap" themed keywords? That can be useful to look at as (when looking with Analytics), we are often greeted with "not provided" :mad:.
  12. Nick.SEOSpark

    Google Local Listings Carousel? Major Update Coming?

    Wow. Thanks for the share Linda. That Carousel feature looks to be very powerful and (like you said) would make images and review so much more important. Also, presumably the emphasis on ranking would then become being to the far left of the Carousel (aka, the top positions)!
  13. Nick.SEOSpark

    Ranking Reports - How to report with SERP's changing so much?!

    Yes, that is along the right lines. Essentially, optimising an inner page and using that to rank in organic. See this thread where we had a really good discussion about this.
  14. Nick.SEOSpark

    Business Is Moving

    It was a real pain when they changed it, as a lot of us were in the routine of "marking as closed" and creating a new listing. It should have been this method all along. That would have been so much easier.
  15. Nick.SEOSpark

    More Google Local Changes - Location Links + Rich Snippets are Back?

    Here, i shared the technique to bring the review stars back to the local results using Schema markup. I'm on the fence about whether my particular method is shady, as essentially, if you are pointing to a genuine testimonials page, with genuine reviews then you can rest easy. What's certain is...
  16. Nick.SEOSpark

    Google Places Support, Google Reps, Client Relationships, Rant

    Yes, I think it's just for the US. Im based in the UK and we don't have it yet!
  17. Nick.SEOSpark

    Newbie Question

    With regards to "data pipeline" and how long changes take to go through, see this post:!topic/business/vnJlxMRr87o/discussion However, that will clearly be changing very soon with data pipeline improvements, but the info should be useful at the moment.
  18. Nick.SEOSpark

    A New Version of

    Thanks for the update Phil. To be honest, I've noticed the numerous errors with the UK version, so I'm quite glad that its been taken off for some maintenance.
  19. Nick.SEOSpark

    A New Version of

    Hey Everyone, David Mihm has just posted about some refinements that have been made to the US version of GetListed. Check out the post: A New Version of | SEOmoz I can't comment too much on this as it's "US Only" at the moment. As the post points out, work is being done on the...
  20. Nick.SEOSpark

    (Local) SEO Client Questionnaire to Download and Use

    Thanks for the share. I remember reading this when it was published. I've always liked Phil's questionairre for local clients as it covers the core factors that you need to know. However, there is definitely a place for Jon's Q&A. If it's a super big client and they are paying a lot of money...