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  1. valentinb13

    How to Get a GMB verified if you don't have a physical location

    ...when the client tried to get an office in different cities, those were either not-approved or approved then suspended. Only one of the suspensions have been lifted (I understand why they were suspended, don't agree with it, but nothing I can do there). According to the original tweet...
  2. Caroline

    Possible Reasons For GMB Suspension

    Hi, This is the first time I've seen a suspension for any of my clients. There is nothing weird about the GMB listing. Is there any insight as to the most common causes of suspensions as the message from Google is not very clear and I can't see what is wrong. Thanks
  3. JoyHawkins

    New Service to Help Correct Malicious Edits on Google My Business Listings

    ...listings. They monitor for changes and make sure to correct them. It also also designed to help businesses who are prone to get suspensions and they'll help you file for reinstatement at a reduced rate (They currently have a 100% success rate). Also, if you are not in compliance, Ben will...
  4. A

    Suspension Having Ranking Effects?

    Hey community! I know that, from a few posts I've read, having a listing affected by the recent wave of suspensions has generally NOT resulted in any ranking drop. However, we have a client who was recently reinstated and does not seem to display when searching for their exact business name...
  5. Colan Nielsen

    How has your experience been so far with Google's Redressal Complaint Form?

    Hi Callum, 2 to 4 weeks seems to be the current turn-around.
  6. Chaddow

    How has your experience been so far with Google's Redressal Complaint Form?

    I just have a quick question regarding time scales on this these days is it still around 2 weeks? This is the first time I have used it outside resolving suspensions resulting from the recent algo update Thanks in advance
  7. djbaxter

    How to find a direct link to leave a Google Review for your business

    ...Looking further, I do see it, but only on sites with a Google short link. I was holding off adding that to most sites with all the suspensions going on but for those without a short link I just added one and now that link does indeed display. I don't see it under an Info tab in the right...
  8. djbaxter

    Google short names: Still broken and the plot thickens

    Google Says Shortnames Suspension Bug Should Be Fixed In A Couple Days by Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable July 25, 2019 Read more...
  9. JoyHawkins

    Suspension - First one in a long time

    I'm still avoiding multiple changes at the same time. I might be paranoid but we haven't had a single suspension yet.
  10. Rich Owings

    Suspension - First one in a long time

    Are new suspensions still happening after minor changes? I've asked a few clients to make one change at a time, but I've been afraid to touch any listings directly. Is it safe to do so again?
  11. Tim Colling

    Suspension not lifted

    Thanks, Joy. Correlation not causation, then.
  12. JoyHawkins

    Updates Prompting Suspensions - Resolved?

    Hey Abi, I'll copy over the paragraph in my guide that shares my advice on this. The amount of suspensions has died down a little bit but there are certain business categories that will always have more suspensions than others. "If you are working in spammy industries like locksmiths, drug...
  13. JoyHawkins

    Suspension not lifted

    ...people could have had an account suspension which could be slowing down your ability to get the listing reinstated. Also, just wanted to clarify that the issue with short names wasn't causing suspensions. The listings were just randomly vanishing but did not show up as suspended in the...
  14. JoyHawkins

    Suspension - First one in a long time

    That fix they were talking about was for a different issue discussed here. It was for listings that vanished even though they weren't suspended. The backlog of suspensions that started weeks before is still ongoing and isn't a technical issue so it is still pretty slow moving.
  15. A

    Updates Prompting Suspensions - Resolved?

    Hello community! Due to the massive amount of suspensions that we have seen and the fact that Google is dealing with a backlog of suspended listings, we have been extremely cautious with the care of the listings that are Live. We noticed that when the suspensions started about a month ago...
  16. boydlake

    Suspension - First one in a long time

    I just had 8 of ten suspensions lifted for a client last week, so I see signs of them responding, but I also have clients that have no reason to be suspended still in suspension. Most of those don't show falling rank though, which has been good to see at least while we work through it. One...
  17. Conor Treacy

    Suspension - First one in a long time

    Just an update with regards to the suspensions on our end. 1 recovered yesterday, the other is still suspended. Still nothing from Google :( If it wasn't for the reviews attached to the GMB, it would almost certainly have been quicker to just delete the account and create a new one. And then...
  18. LilyRayNYC

    Shortnames causing suspensions: could it be because of Google's proposed shortname?

    ...removed the shortname, they came back. (I can't remember if mine used an underscore or not, but it was the one Google recommended) 1) Can anyone help me figure out where to edit my shortname? It seems to have disappeared (See attached image) 2) Could underscores be causing these...
  19. Matt Cas

    Hard Suspension but Showing as "Published"

    @premiumweb Yep. In my case, all of the listings that had hard suspensions from this bug were still showing as "Published" within the GMB dashboard so the only way to see they were actually suspended was by trying to view them on search and maps.
  20. Matt Cas

    After a GMB suspension, do rankings usually return?

    I had a few listings get hard suspensions and then reinstated a few days later from the short names bug last week and their rankings bounced right back as well.