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    Forum moderator question - not sure where to begin

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience hiring a forum moderator. Not just to organize and monitor discussions, but to answer questions and support customers on your behalf. What I'm wondering is, are these people paid by the...
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    Is this a merged Google Business page?

    Apparently, I missed the update where Google My Business pages look different when you are logged into an account, vs. when you are logged out. I've never seen this issue before. URL 1) We have what appears to be a busienss page here (based on the /b/ : This one has 4 reviews, but only if you...
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    How to specify hours for a SAB w/24x7 service

    Hello, Based on my understanding of a service area business who doesn't service customers at their location, with 24x7 service, we can specify hours on GMB as 24/7, correct? Their staff answers the phone from 7am-7pm and after that, a call service answers the phone. Is this the correct way to...
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    "Hate us on Yelp" campaign to deal with negative reviews

    I thought this was an interesting way to deal with negative Yelp reviews and had to share it with the community. Check out this company's "Hate us on Yelp" campaign. This company is now following suit. I'm curious how Yelp would deal with an army of companies messing with their review system...
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    Google search satisfaction survey

    I thought this was interesting, so I thought I'd share as I have never seen this before. After doing a search on Google on my laptop, I walked away to take a phone call and heard the signature Google beep from my computer. I came back to find this survey from Google asking if I was satisfied...
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    Google indicating mobile friendly sites in SERPS

    I'm not sure if this is something new, but I haven't noticed it before. It looks like Google is now indicating when a website is mobile friendly in the results pages. The Mobile-Friendly excerpt is left out when a site is not mobile friendly.
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    Google My Business Google plus page vs. local page - is one of these a duplicate?

    With the new Google My Business page update, I'm not clear on whether there will still be a separate Google plus business page in addition to the local page, so I'm hoping for some clarification. Are either of these pages a duplicate? Google my business page Google plus...
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    Can blog post images display next to content in organic search?

    I came across something interesting and wanted to see if anyone had some insight on whether schema markup or Open Graph protocol on a page would pull in an image next to a blog post in organic search. I'm not talking authorship here, this is the image that is embedded in the post itself. On the...
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    Google maps has wrong location for client

    Hello All, On Google Maps, we have a client whose business is located two buildings to the left of their actual location. We're trying to determine the exact longitude and latitude of their business, but I'm not sure if we should go with: 1. The lat/long of where Google THINKS the business...
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    Necessary to update custom categories after G+ dashboard upgrade?

    For one of our clients, we had previously used keyword rich (not spammy) custom categories in the old dashboard and it looks like these are still in the place page after the upgrade, but there is a message that says "There is a problem with this data. Please update it". This client is ranking...
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    Acxiom error: IP address is being used by another user.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't recall seeing this error message before. When submitting to Acxiom, we're getting the error message that is preventing us from submitting new listings: "There was an error processing your request: IP address is being used by another user." Anyone know...
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    Does review schema work for local businesses or just products?

    I'm wondering if anyone has had success getting the review stars using schema to show in organic search results. I have everything implemented on a clients' site using the WP customer reviews plugin. The structured review data displays correctly using Google's testing tool, but when I do...
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    # vs Suite vs STE

    Hi All, I know there has been much discussion about which version is best to use, but with all the latest changes happening in Google lately, I thought I'd weigh in on 'today's' general consensus on suite number. We have a client who has substantially more citations when using STE instead of #...
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    Report a problem not working - "Editing of this feature is not allowed"

    I recently tried reporting a correction we wanted to make on a Google Plus local page and I'm getting the error message of "Editing this feature is not allowed". I get this error when I am logged into the client's dashboard and when I am logged out of it. When I tried clicking the report a...
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    Number of keywords to track for clients

    Hi All, I'm curious how others structure their SEO plans for clients when it comes to keywords in local. I have a 2 part question for those who would like to share. 1. How do you structure your plans? Do you... A) Offer plans similar to a strictly organic SEO plan where they could choose...
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    Directory phone verifications - automatic phone tree issues?

    I am starting a new client who uses a phone tree answering system for their main phone number we'll be using for citations and I'm wondering if this will create problems when trying to do phone verification with the local directories. We're just beginning to do citations, so I wanted to see if...
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    Deleted in Map Maker??? Dropped local ranking

    Hi All, I have a client who is part of a franchise. They insisted on using a tracking number which at the time, I didn't realize how big of a problem that would be - particularly since their main phone number can't be changed on their website - along with several other things like the footer or...
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    Better to put City Before or After Keyword

    I'm interested in what others' opinions and experience is on putting a keyword before a keyword versus after a keyword. It seems like, based on much of the keyword research for various markets I've done, the keyword comes first and the city comes second. Is this a keyword/industry specific type...
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    Any tricks to speed up a new listing under Pending "Being Reviewed"?

    Hi All, I have a new listing we've just claimed and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to possibly speed up a Pending: Being Reviewed message on a brand new listing that was just verified. Thanks! Kristen
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    Does Suite number before street address cause problems?

    I wondered if anyone could lend some input on whether it would cause problems for the suite number to be displayed before the street address in a Google place page. On one of my client's listings, a Google rep moved the suite number before the street address instead of after the st. address...