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  1. Tim Colling

    Our Very Own Joy Hawkins is the New CEO at Local U!

    Wow! Congratulations, Joy! Truly, truly, well deserved!
  2. Tim Colling

    Which Hosting Company do you guys recommend please?

    "Expensive" is a reference to cost. There are several kinds of cost: Money Time Effort Opportunity and probably others too... When you're a startup, you may have more time available than money. But maybe not. It depends. Like so many things in life.
  3. Tim Colling

    Which Hosting Company do you guys recommend please?

    So I will explain why, for me, the choice is WPEngine. We host and manage all of our clients' websites on WPEngine, where we have a dedicated server. If a client isn't ok with that, then our agency is not a good fit for them. Well, WPEngine is not the cheapest, not by far. But you know what...
  4. Tim Colling

    Which Hosting Company do you guys recommend please?

    Which is the best hosting vendor? Boy, that's a topic that often leads to heated arguments, with nearly-religious fervor on all sides.
  5. Tim Colling

    PlePer - is anyone here using it?

    Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful and thorough replies. I appreciate your help!
  6. Tim Colling

    Voice Search

    Every once in a while, I accept one of their calls, just to see what they are using as high-pressure sales tactics. It's painful but informative. I used to do custom database work for a timeshare marketing company back when I had a small custom software agency (back in the 1980s). I thought...
  7. Tim Colling

    Voice Search

  8. Tim Colling

    PlePer - is anyone here using it?

    Oh Darren, you're such a tease! :)
  9. Tim Colling

    Voice Search

    Yelp is very frustrating. There is a new indie movie out now about Yelp, called "The Billion Dollar Bully". It's a bit over the top, but it provides an accurate illustration of how aggravating they are for small businesses.
  10. Tim Colling

    PlePer - is anyone here using it?

    Here's at least part of what I was thinking of: 1) Noticing changes made by Google or others and "reverting" them back to pre-change settings 2) Noticing and alerting for new Questions and Answers 3) Noticing and alerting for new photos and videos posted by others
  11. Tim Colling

    PlePer - is anyone here using it?

    Is anyone here using PlePer for GMB listing monitoring? If so, how do you like it? If not, what alternate tool(s) do you use for this purpose?
  12. Tim Colling

    LocalU Advanced - Denver, CO - Sept 19, 2019

    Just imagine the insurance claim form... "How could this accident have been prevented?" 🤣
  13. Tim Colling

    Examples of Amazing Local Landing Pages - List them Here!

    Another problem with that one (Plumber Westminster CO | Drain | Sewer | Water Heater) is that the sticky menu does not have the phone number in the upper-right-hand corner, like, as a specially-embellished menu choice-buttony-looking thing. That's just terrible. Don't make people hunt all over...
  14. Tim Colling

    LSA radius

    For the moment, LSAs = revenue generators for Google, and GMBs <> revenue generators for Google (yet). Therefore it's not surprising that Google would have less stringent requirements for LSAs.
  15. Tim Colling

    Service areas (cities, zips) keep disappearing from info?

    Just curious: do you have just one legal business entity and one state license to perform both the in-office and in-home services?
  16. Tim Colling

    Accurate Local Listing Scan

    Friends don't let friends do Yext. :) Yext=the sound your cat makes when it throws up on the rug.
  17. Tim Colling

    Schema Reviews Markup Question

    Not me. The way I look at it, this is war, and they're the enemy and they're playing dirty. Your mileage may vary, I suppose.