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    Bulk Verification Question

    Hi all, Has anyone successfully bulk verified a GMB account where the locations are using different versions of the business name? For a franchise, they are using [Business Name] of [Location] for each of their locations. The bulk verifications I have done have all had the same name per...
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    GMB Insights Reporting Bug?

    Hi all, I am checking monthly insights for clients. I am seeing what visually looks like an insight reporting bug for views and wondered if anyone is seeing this as well. I am seeing it across several clients/accounts and across locations for my multi-location clients. There is a trough that...
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    Bulk Verification with existing unverified GMB listings

    Hi, I have a bulk verification I need to complete with 30+ locations. In researching the locations, I found several have existing unverified listings. Is this something Google with resolve in the verification process, meaning claiming these unverified listings vs creating new duplicate...