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    Facebook multi-location - what are the risks?

    Hi All, I have a client that has 100 locations, and I'm trying to get them to add them into to Facebook. I think it's pretty easy to manage, and you get more presence, and if you don't do it, unofficial locations will pop up. There are many benefits. Aside from creating the pages, what are...
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    Views Vs. Impressions in GMB Discrepency

    Huge thanks to Joy for continually creating great content, that does a great job of answering so many questions. This post about GMB data was extremely helpful, but, I'm still stuck on some pieces of it. Joy's article says that basically the difference between Search impressions and Views on...
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    Do keywords in your GMB description matter?

    I have a 32 location client and we added descriptiosn two months ago, and though its' not the greatest test ever, there was no impact at all on traffic to the GMB profiles after adding descriptions.
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    A practice with 1 practitioner, 2 GMB's, and 1 high ranking

    I cannot find any links to GMB from there. They don't have the NPPES number in the profile either.
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    Plumber Near Me - Google trends interesting

    This is an interesting search I did on Google trends. . . . The general increase is something I see in every near me search. What is interesting are the periodic dips. I have to wonder if this is more related to auto-copmlete doing some weird things? I just can't imagine that actual human...
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    Google Cache shows a different website?

    Hi All, I have an odd situation. My client had another company do their website (site A). When I went into Google WMT, it showed 500 links from this other website (site B). This other website (site b) was definitely created by the same company that did my clients site. The company hosts the...
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    Reciprocal Linking - is this bad?

    Thanks for the insight I'm not focused on linkbuilding, but, I'm surprised by this. When I look at most local businesses and their link profiles (using semrush), I see so few real links at all. . . a ton of directory, or other random links, but, so few actual links from local businesses. My...
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    A practice with 1 practitioner, 2 GMB's, and 1 high ranking

    Aha! If you look at the practitioner, he has reviews from Health Grades, Vitals, etc. . . and that must be associated with the profile, and hence, why Google likes it so much.
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    Reciprocal Linking - is this bad?

    I have had the habit of telling my clients to "go and ask friends with websites to link back to you". They never do, but, it's always worth a shot. One client asked today "can I tell them to link to me, and I will link to them". . . and I wasn't sure what to think. But, lets say this...
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    LocalU Advanced - Denver, CO - Sept 19, 2019

    I'm making a sacrifice and sending two guys from my team, but, not attending myself! "I sent my team to Local U and all I got was a post that bragged about how generous I was being."
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    A practice with 1 practitioner, 2 GMB's, and 1 high ranking

    Thanks Joy - I totally agree. The two profiles are an asset. It is a bit weird though - his practioner profiles shows up only for "pediatrician", and other search, even "pediatrician + GEO" shows the practice. I checked to see if Google was maybe biasing "pediatrician" to individual docs...
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    A practice with 1 practitioner, 2 GMB's, and 1 high ranking

    Hi all, I have a pedicatrician that has a clinic. He is a single practitioner, and has two GMB's (one for the practitioner, one for the clinic that is <clinic name>- <Single practitioner name>. When you search for "pediatrician" in his area, his practitioner listing ranks #1, but, of course...
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    Biz with a product specific domain - should they have two sites?

    Thanks Yan - yeah, they have been pretty active with creating satellite offices for the focused business, so they have many GMB's, including two in one location for the different businesses (which is a surprise to me - and I have warned them of risks).
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    Biz with a product specific domain - should they have two sites?

    I have a law firm that has an interesting dilemma: they have had a longstanding, high ranking domain for workes comp/employment law - lets assume it's something like: (this has been fictionalized as to not reveal the client). When you go to this domain it has the name...
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    Google My Business - Bulk Insights download

    same boat here. . . I put in the dates I want, and no matter what happens, I get the last 7 days.
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    Adding MORE photos to a GMB profile - - any value

    30 days after loading 100 images, I have not seen an impact. It may be a "zero to 10" images thing. I do always wonder about that kind of data that you cited. Is it that the business owners that go to the trouble to load photos naturally have more engagment, or is it the photos doing the work.
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    Google My Business - Bulk Insights download

    Is anyone else having issues with the Bulk download? I have a 30 location business, and when I download the data, whether I pick custom dates, last 30 days, last 90 days, it still only picks the last 7 days of data. Is anyone else having this issue or know a fix?
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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    I got one Free of suspension today. This company should have been an SAB, but wasn't. When we were suspended, we fixed it immediately. Initial suspension on June 11th, Appeal filed immediately July 11th: Google Responded with "you are suspended due to out guidelines" July 11th: We responded...
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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    So, what if I just created a new listing for my client? Would that work?
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    If You Had 30 minutes to educate local contractors about GMB, what would you NOT say?

    Get More reviews, don't fake an address (USE SAB appropriately), report fake competitors, use the quote feature