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  1. PaulSteinbrueck

    Best practices for blogging, evergreen content, publish dates

    My team has published more than 2,000 articles to our blog over the last 13+ years. We've used the URL structure blog/year/mo/dy/page-title/ (e.g. blog/2019/10/16/hello-world/) since we launched it. I am rethinking our blog strategy of publishing 2-3 new posts a week, usually taking a slightly...
  2. PaulSteinbrueck

    Best Practices for Getting "Recommended" Yelp Reviews?

    I have a client who has 16 reviews on Yelp but only 3 of them Yelp considers "recommended" and are displayed on the company profile and factor into the average rating. That's pretty frustrating for me and the client. 1) Is there anything that can be done to get Yelp to reconsider those 13 "not...
  3. PaulSteinbrueck

    GMB Short Name Option Not Availble. Direct Link?

    I have a client who does not seem to have the option to get a Short Name for their GMB listing. 1) Can anyone shed some light on why the Short Name option is not available for this client? Is this feature still being rolled out? Is there anything I can do to get the Short Name option for them...
  4. PaulSteinbrueck

    Impact of expanding GMB service area

    I've got a client that currently serves a fairly large metro area and has set up their service area to include that metro area. The business is located on the east side of the metro area and he has gotten some customers in a couple of smaller, rural towns further east outside the metro area. He...
  5. PaulSteinbrueck

    How to rank for Easter (and other seasonal events)

    I help a lot of churches with SEO. This week many of them are doing outreach and trying to connect with people interested in worship services or other activities related to Easter. I compared results for "Easter service near me" to the results for "church near me" and the differences were...
  6. PaulSteinbrueck

    Search Ranking Reports?

    Just curious as to what you all use to track/report search rankings? And what in what search engines do you track your rankings - just Google? Google Maps? Bing? Bing Maps? Others? Thanks, Paul
  7. PaulSteinbrueck

    GMB listing has events for other organizations

    Take a look at the GMB listing for Heritage Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA - Google Maps - notice that the website listed is correct - Then scroll all the way down to the bottom and look at the 2 events listed there. They link to - BIG WEEKEND 2019 (aka Deep Impact) –...
  8. PaulSteinbrueck

    Local search engine market share?

    Can anyone point me to data showing local search engine market share? By "market share" I mean the number of searches done in Google Maps vs Bing Maps vs Yelp and so on. Thanks!
  9. PaulSteinbrueck

    Mysterious Updates in Local Search?

    In the past when searching Google Maps, if I click on any of the search results on the left side, the Google My Business info for that business would slide out and be displayed. But that's not happening for me today. Today if I click Google Maps search result, I get nothing. Anyone else...
  10. PaulSteinbrueck

    New GMB description impact on search rankings?

    Google has added a description field to Google My Business listings: You can now add your business description in Google My Business - Search Engine Land Anyone know what if any effect keywords in this field affects local search rankings? Our team is now updating our clients GMB listings...
  11. PaulSteinbrueck

    Local Search Market Share?

    Can anyone share a link to a site showing the break down of market share among sites providing local search results (Google (Maps), Bing (Maps), Yelp,, etc)? I see some value in setting up accounts/listings in many of the low traffic sites since it doesn't take much time...
  12. PaulSteinbrueck

    Do reviews improve general search rankings?

    Local SEO Guide recently published research that shows one of the most important factors in how a company's GMB listing ranks is the ranking of it's website. If you improve the search rankings of your website, it helps the rankings of your GMB listing Local SEO Ranking Factors Study 2017 -...
  13. PaulSteinbrueck

    re: Law firms spamming Google My Business

    re: Law firms spamming Google My Business Hey Joy, I'm catching up on some article reading today and saw your article on Search Engine Land - I have a follow-up question about using other attorney's addresses. Even...
  14. PaulSteinbrueck

    Location vs Service Area Business

    There are some types of businesses that are Service Area Businesses but may also have a physical location (e.g. locksmiths, carpet cleaners, copier repair). Considering that proximity is one of the biggest ranking factors in local/maps searches, how does Google handle the proximity of a SAB...
  15. PaulSteinbrueck

    How to manage new "Questions and Answers?"

    Yesterday Google announced a new "Questions and Answers" feature for Google My Business: I posted a question from a different account than the one that "owns" my local listing to test it out. That worked...
  16. PaulSteinbrueck

    Maps listings don't match pins?

    When I do a search in Google Maps for "carpet cleaning near Irvine, CA" this is a screenshot of what I see - Can anyone explain why the top 3 listings on the left do not match up with the "pins" shown on the map? None of those 3 listings have an...
  17. PaulSteinbrueck

    How to handle 2 similar businesses operating at the same location?

    Many years ago my brother and I started a business we run out of our home offices. The official address of the business is my brother's home address plus a suite number. Because we serve an international client base, we never put any effort into local/maps search listings. A couple years ago...
  18. PaulSteinbrueck

    Different search results from different computers?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I read the rules but if I missed something let me know. I have 2 computers in my office - one for generating search ranking reports and one for everything else. I am seeing a lot of situations where I'm getting different results on the two computers...