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  1. KymM

    New Services Options in the Google My Business Dashboard

    Oddly enough. my coworker and I are both owners on the same business profile. He can see suggested options (like the first example), but I can only see the old services option (add section, add item, etc). His messing with the new options seems to have wiped out the services we had imputed...
  2. KymM

    Gallery Ads? OMG, Scoot Down 3-Pack!

    I mean this respectfully, but people have been panicking about Google Ads being the end of SEO for ages. It hasn't happened yet, and I don't think this will be any different. Is it important to include ads as part of your overall strategy? Yes, of course, and to take advantage of all ad types...
  3. KymM

    Google My Business Suspensions Are Causing Reviews to Vanish

    We've had this issue with a client who lost 500+ reviews after a suspension. Various google reps have told us that the reviews never existed or that they were removed because they violated the rules. Finally, someone said they could see the reviews and would work on it. Since then, 190 reviews...
  4. KymM

    "Any recent edits you've made to a business will be seen on this page soon."

    Our suspended listing has been reinstated, but the message still comes and goes and edits are taking forever to go through.
  5. KymM

    "Any recent edits you've made to a business will be seen on this page soon."

    I'm glad that it's not just me! Hopefully it gets resolved soon.
  6. KymM

    "Any recent edits you've made to a business will be seen on this page soon."

    Has anyone else been getting this message on GMB lately? We recently had a business suspended and sent in proof to get it reinstated. Now when I check it, about half the time it says "Published" and the other half it says "Suspended". It won't let us make any edits on the listing and that...
  7. KymM

    Huge Change for Service Area Businesses in Google My Business

    We often have this happen when we add a lot of service areas at once. I'm unsure if that is a glitch or intentional to prevent spamming, but what has worked for us is to add just a few service areas, save it, and then come back and add a few more. It's a pain but it works.
  8. KymM

    How to Claim SAB When Address is Unknown?

    I have a client who has a GMB listing created by a previous employee or agency (client doesn't know which and has no access to the listing). The listing has reviews so we would like to gain access to it instead of just having it deleted and creating a new one. The problem is that we don't know...