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    Linking to city based landing pages

    On a service area business website, when there are 10 to 15 town-based landing pages, is it best to link to those landing pages on one service area page? Or is it better to have a link to all of the landing pages in the sidebar or footer of every page on the website?
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    SAB trying to rank 1 specific service

    As an electrician, I would like to do more of a specific service: install residential vehicle chargers. It's straight forward and profitable work, it's becoming more and more popular, no climbing thru hot attics, etc. A lot of people just search for an electrician when they buy a new...
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    Importance of Posts

    How important is it to consistently make posts in GMB for a small SAB such as a plumber, electrician, etc? My original understanding was that the posts were only seem by people who were looking up your business directly. In that situation, I could see posts being like a billboard promoting a...
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    Appointment URL crossed out

    In My Business, under Info, the Appointment URL that I specified has been crossed out with an orange line. The URL I used is the Contact-Us page on my website which has a typical contact form. But this forum does not allow them to set an actual date and time, just contact us to do so. Is that...
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    Should I update Joomla

    I am an electrician and had a website made for me on Joomla about 4 years ago. It's become slowwwwww. I really have to get off my ass and make a new one or have someone do it, but in the meantime I'd like to know whether I should update Joomla? My concern is if I update it, the website...
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    Only Googlebot Desktop crawling my site?

    I saw this in Search Console: Is this OK? Don't I also want the Smartphone bot to crawl my website? Here is my robots.txt:
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    Are there templates/themes available for a website like this?

    I currently have a website for my local electrician service with good content, but it is on old GoDaddy servers and very slow. I would like to move my content to a new website, something on a better host and also I would like the website to be faster to load and very mobile friendly. I have...
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    Stacking 301 redirects

    Let's say you had a website that was up for 10 years. You originally had a services page but changed things around over time. Originally it was services.htm Then you changed it to services.php Then you started using Joomla and changed it to services Then you changed it to services-in-atlanta...
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    Which link to use for company Google profile and reviews?

    On my company's website I have a 5-star review button with link to my profile on Google, the link looks something like this: Company Name - Google Search (fake link used for example) On Chrome it takes me to a Google results looking page that has my company profile, and also opens up a little...
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    GMB now shows a link for reviews

    Is this new? I noticed it in my GMB dashboard: I tried in in Chrome and Safari on my Mac and iPhone and it took me to a page that I can leave a review for my business. Did Google finally do the right thing and give us an easy link to give to our customers to leave reviews?
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    Copied my website content

    So I did a little Googling and found that 3 other electrician around the country have plagiarized my content. They are all far out of my service area, so it's not competition for me. I was told that this will not hurt my rankings as a local service area business, and that is what I would...
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    A SAB's website for just one service

    I am a residential electrician, I have a website for my business as well as the normal presence on Google Local. I also have been using Google LSA for a year and a half. I only have a few of the Job Types in LSA checked off, one of which is Install Electric Car Charger. That is what I would...
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    Reviews on Landing pages

    I have 15 town based landing pages on my website for my electrical contracting business. On the bottom of each page I included 2 excerpts of reviews from people in that town that I received on Google or Yelp. If the review was short I included the whole review. I was wondering if I would be...
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    Keywords in reviews

    I have read that having keywords in reviews will help you. So I am wondering how to go about getting that? I am a small residential electrician, I serve about 15 local towns. I have 30 reviews on Google and 16 on Yelp, 10 show, 5 of the 6 hidden at 5 star. All unquie and real reviews. A lot...
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    How many categories are best?

    I see a lot of people mentioning the categories. Is it true that it is better to have less than more? Currently I have Electrician as my main category and Contractor as my additional. Someone mentioned for me to get rid fo the second one. Would that be better or should I think about adding...
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    How to enter towns in Service Areas

    It allows you to enter towns in many different ways. And it will list all of them, allowing you to repeat the town. For example, it will allow me to enter all 3 of these: 1) Moonachie, Bergen Country, New Jersey 2) Moonachie, NJ, USA 3) Moonachie, NJ 07074, USA And then there is the 4th...
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    A few questions about reviews on Google

    I have a few questions about how Google's review system works. 1) Does the person leaving a review get an email notification saying that a response to their review has been made? 2) If I edit my response, will they get an email notification then too? 3) Is there any chance of having this 1...
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    Google My Business - Service Area Towns

    I'm curious if anyone noticed this. When entering the service area of your business in Google My Business, it allows you to enter the town in multiple ways. f you type in the zip code, the town comes up as Town, State, Zip. If you enter the town name, the town comes up as Town, County, State...
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    Question about landing pages

    Hey guys, great forum you have here. I have been reading it for a long time, but I finally registered and have a question. I have a small contracting business, I am located in an area without a major city, there are just many small towns. Originally I made 40 town based landing pages, one for...