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  1. Timothy

    Questions for the Google My Business Team?

    I just saw this for the first time suggesting a user edit in local search. New feature?
  2. Timothy

    Mysterious Updates in Local Search?

    Has anyone else noticed the local search results behaving differently this past week or so? It feels like Google is in the process of rolling out some update. I've specifically seen: Clicks from SERPs to Google Maps through the Knowledge Graph are not bringing up the business listing. It...
  3. Timothy

    What Are the Best Examples You've Seen of Terrible Owner Responses to Reviews?

    This was a private post but really tickled me. My friend, the owner, is Assyrian.
  4. Timothy

    Google My Business Phasing Out Phone Support?

    This may be old news, but I didn't see a specific update on this forum. Looks like phone support is back up and running directly through the Support section of the Google My Business dashboard. My saved links for Google call requests stopped working about a month ago, and I've had abysmal help...
  5. Timothy

    How to handle 2 similar businesses operating at the same location?

    James, that's what I thought. I've counselled them to do exactly what you outlined. Getting more reviews, diversifying review websites, getting backlinks... I'll be curious to see what will happen with this update in the future. Hopefully there will be a roll-back at some point once they...
  6. Timothy

    How to handle 2 similar businesses operating at the same location?

    Great post, James. I work with chiropractic offices, and have noticed an increasing number of these problems since August of 2016. What would you recommend doing to help the offices that are getting screwed over from their physical proximity to a competitor? For example, I work with a client on...
  7. Timothy

    Linking to Google+ or Google Maps?

    What would you guys recommend as the best practice for G+ social icon linking now that the platform has been divorced from map and review data? I am concerned that changing the Google+ (business page) links for websites I manage to Google Map links may have a negative impact, esp when it comes...