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  1. officialryguy1

    Google My Business Changes/Issues for Hotels

    So Hotel amenities are now missing. Last week I was asked by my client to remove some amenities that were showing live. When I went in the backend, things like 'swimming pool' and 'paid parking' were marked as not available, but still showing live. I submitted a GMB support request, and came...
  2. officialryguy1

    Hospital/Healthcare Map Pins

    How do you get the special healthcare pin drop for your local healthcare clients? It's something that I have wondered, but have recently been asked to look into. I am finding nothing in the forums and nothing from Google searches. Anyone out there accomplished this, or is it a matter of...
  3. officialryguy1

    Updating Hotel Descriptions

    Hi, I am looking for some solid help on updating Google My Business business descriptions for hotels. There is no actual field in GMB for this, when looking at a hotel categorized business. You can write a description to be displayed under almost every other type of business category that I...
  4. officialryguy1

    Old hotel photos

    I manage local listings for a hotel with 16 locations (and growing). They typically buy-up older hotels and refresh them with new designs - new furniture, new wall colors, new decor, rebrand the restaurant, etc. so the issue comes up with these older GMB photos surfacing over the newer In...