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  1. Digitaldar

    Agency Level Efficiencies?

    Thanks @Your_Cedric !
  2. Digitaldar

    Does anyone know any VPN software that has Ottawa ON IP's?

    I don’t but I do live in Ottawa if helpful!
  3. Digitaldar

    Google Tag Manager & Google Ads Tracking on Other Sites?

    @JasonKhoo I've worked with a few third party vendors who claim to be able to work with GTM but I have not had any luck :-(
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    Agency Level Efficiencies?

    Hi y'all :-) I do google ads for a few different agencies and while I have all clients set up in each agencies respective MCC (haven't gone for the Ultra MCC yet LOL), I'm looking for some across the board alerts that I should be setting up. I want to know things like 404 page; ad not running...
  5. Digitaldar

    Explosion of "Direct Traffic"

    Does your client send a newsletter? Often I find the newsletter software is not connected to Google Analytics and therefore comes in as direct. Alternatively you could look at cities from which direct traffic is coming and see if they appear relevant. Entry pages?
  6. Digitaldar

    What makes a directory valuable?

    Interesting... my perspective would have been to build for users first - I do think that reviews are a great way to get user engagement. You could for example, add dentists for free for now and charge them later - that part is easier in my opinion than getting people to use the directory... and...
  7. Digitaldar

    Software Development Companies - Google Doesn't Treat Related Searches as Local

    @JasonKhoo I would agree that these searches are rarely local in nature - as a matter of fact I would not be surprised to see many companies from other countries come up. What type of software do they specialize in? What sort of problem does their software solve for their clients? I wonder if...
  8. Digitaldar

    Scheduling Software for Agencies

    @CraigJMount do you mean for clients to schedule a meeting with you? I send them to a page on my site that alliows them to select a time... I think it’s Acuity Scheduling
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    Negative review by a mentally ill individual

    @Amy Toman I certainly don't see this as an A or B solution - go for both :-) Ideally a business is always trying to get reviews and responding to all... therefore this one will just get buried but if someone reads it, they know the owners are responsive, not defensive and willing to work...
  10. Digitaldar

    Negative review by a mentally ill individual

    I had that happen to a client (I'm assuming the person is not mentally well) and recognized the name from my local Buy Nothing group... sure enough that person spouted off oddly in that group as well. There was no record of her name as a customer so we did the usual "there is no record of xxx as...
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    A SAB's website for just one service

    @Ampere I would suggest that you have Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up. In Google Search Console, do two kinds of searches for queries: one for queries that contain car charger or related phrase and then another search on your car charging page to see the nature of queries that...
  12. Digitaldar

    Task management for teams or to do list?

    Jen could you expand by what you mean to do more in one place? How do you use Hubspot?
  13. Digitaldar

    Task management for teams or to do list?

    While I don't work with Trello I wanted to share some ideas that could help with efficiency: - when a client sends a request, you could establish with the client upfront that you will work on their business Tuesday afternoons for example. On Tuesdays, you start with your task list for the client...
  14. Digitaldar

    Task management for teams or to do list?

    I would suggest not giving your clients access to your project management software but rather integrate a task manager. You want to be able to notify the client that the request has been received, is being worked on, expected due date, etc. I don't have a suggestion as I am using Teamwork and...
  15. Digitaldar

    Help with Schema markup?

    @RattlingTram you might also want to incorporate Review Schema so that your vet may stand out in Google with stars :-) There is a good video from Local Marketing Institute about Schema and it talks about starting with theory - which you are doing. VIP - Local Marketing Institute - note that the...
  16. Digitaldar

    Google reviews coming from same IP

    Who is behind ReviewFraud @keyserholiday? thanks!
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    Licensees with (almost) Overlapping Territories (Service Area Business)

    @brettmandoes I work with a client in a similar situation but because there are only 5 licensees, they have gone with one website. They do have more than one licensee in my city so if a lead comes in for the east end to the licensee in the west end, they must refer the lead. Everything is...
  18. Digitaldar

    Damaging insights queries GMBL

    I’ve worked with massage therapists and their sites all show up for more sexual queries - and poor souls click hoping, just hoping, that at least one massage therapist will offer happy endings :-) There are a few areas to focus and I find BrightLocal software can help. Citations, links...
  19. Digitaldar

    Google Search Console bug? Suddenly multiple messages about Mobility Usability

    I've received for a ton of sites that I manage as well!