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  1. keyserholiday

    Google 301 redirect issue

    So my good friend Stuart McHenry asked today on Twitter if anybody notice if Google was having issues treating 301 redirects. I began noticing something similar with Facebook unofficial pages. If you Google Bipper Media and click the link for the FB page, you will see this message: "You were...
  2. keyserholiday

    Business getting trashed for firing an employee

    This story went viral over the weekend. An employee was terminated for post a meme on Facebook on their day off. Viral link. The troll army has responded by trashing the employer's GMB listing with negative reviews, crappy photos, Q&A, and by changing the name and category. You always want to...
  3. keyserholiday

    Google My Business missing photos workaround

    As most of you are aware Google has been struggling with publishing photos that were uploaded in the dashboard for way too long. I used Twitter support to complain about it last week and today support was able to push the photos out. Tweet I hope this helps everyone to resolve their issue.
  4. keyserholiday

    Washington AG files lawsuit over deceptive marketing practices.

    There are real and legitimate dangers of buying and faking online reviews. The Washington Attorney General filed a lawsuit over a company for amassing 100 5-star reviews in one week.
  5. keyserholiday

    Google injecting People Also Ask in GMB KPs

    This was relayed to me today. This listing just opened today. While attempting to add the open date of today, the listing went into pending review. So they went to the love result to edit the listings via suggesting an edit. That is when they saw the People Also Ask (PAA) in the Google My...
  6. keyserholiday

    Google suspension cause

    According to Joe Youngblood Tweet, he has his account suspended for too many user suggested edits to GMB listings in his area. Google has unveiled the redressal form to report any all bad actors. This is not the first person that I have heard about this happening too. The last person had to wait...
  7. keyserholiday

    ADA compliance lawsuit

    I just saw my first case of a company being sued over ADA compliance. The business in question has until June 1st to bring all of their websites into compliance. To be in compliance they need to 1. add alt image tags, which should have already been done. 2. Remove 360 tours 3. Videos need...
  8. keyserholiday

    Reporting Schema Abuse

    Does anybody know where to report Schema abuse:
  9. keyserholiday

    GMB Posts expirations

    I just found out that Google posts do have a shelf life and if you do not post after a period of time, all of your old posts get deleted. One of the businesses I use for testing Google features on, we last posted in December 2017. I logged into today to create a post and I saw the message create...