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  1. RFKSolutions

    Google Maps Search Results different to local 3 pack?

    Hey Folks Just wondering if anyone can help - I have a client in the plumbing niche, when I do search for: plumbers west lothian My client shows on the Google map results if I search on the maps tab on Google, but they are not showing on the local 3 pack or if click on to expand these? Hope...
  2. RFKSolutions

    Our Client Not Showing in Maps

    Hi Wondering if anyone has any ideas why one of our clients is not showing up on Map listings. Mcintyre Masonry Ltd | Stonemasons in Scotland His main business location is in West lothian. If do search for stonemasons west lothian...
  3. RFKSolutions

    Business Multi Location Schema Markup Help

    Hi Looking for bit help. One of our website design clients who we are doing some local SEO on, we recently added some schema markup on his website. Mcintyre Masonry Ltd | Stonemasons in Scotland In the footer of all pages we have listed his address, he has 2 offices which we added in schema...