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    Question About Independent Franchise with Unique Business Names

    Greetings! I have a franchise client that runs several fitness center locations. The puzzle with this "franchise" is they are all owned & operated independently, meaning they all have unique business names, as well as their own websites. The purpose of this franchise is they receive member...
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    Major Google Local Algo Update - Google "Pigeon" Update Shakes it Up!

    I've noticed 'list of realtors' brings up the 7-pack in most cities. Also just 'realtors toronto' brings up 7-pack, so there is still some interest in realtors by Google. That's why I'm wondering if its a bug or not, or if they just haven't gotten rid of those last few keywords yet.
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    Major Google Local Algo Update - Google "Pigeon" Update Shakes it Up!

    Linda, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on some of these packs (particularly those related to REAL ESTATE and REALTORS) either being permanent removal of the 7-packs or if this is just temporary bug? As mentioned above, real estate keywords working fine in Toronto, but not in any other...
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    Clients reviews are disappearing!!

    Anyone determine what exactly is going on? I also have several clients who had LEGITIMATE reviews deleted/filtered out over the last couple of weeks. These are real reviews from real customers that vanished into thin air. These are businesses that are not exactly tech savvy and getting those...