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  1. Blake Denman

    Listing business name/"practitioner"

    Hello all, Hoping to get some feedback about the correct way to structure a business name for a different kind of practitioner listing. New client is a golf instructor at a local golf course. He has his own phone number, but he resides at this golf course to do instructions. Would you just...
  2. Blake Denman

    Snack Pack Showing Letter Ranking A, B, C

    Hi everyone, Has anyone seen this test recently? Haven't been able to replicate it since I grabbed the screenshot.
  3. Blake Denman

    Client has a Panda penalty

    We brought on a new client recently that was hit by Panda. The company that was doing SEO before us literally built out more than 900 pages targeting one keyword in one city. I'm going to delete everything, but I'm having second thoughts on our new content strategy. This client wants to rank...
  4. Blake Denman

    Google MapMaker Not Working (US)?

    Is MM not working for you? I've been trying to report a spam listing and it won't pull up at all. I'm double-checking to make sure I'm in the right location but for the life of me can't pull the listing.
  5. Blake Denman

    When the eff will G remove biz title as a signal?! (small rant ahead)

    Like a lot of you, I see GMB listings every day that violate Google's guidelines. Usually they are adding keyword rich modifiers to the business title or the business name is an exact match of the keyword. I have a client in a competitive industry with a mid-size metro area. On one of his...
  6. Blake Denman

    What 3rd party CRM/task management/project management do you use?

    I would like to know what you are using for you and your team. What do you like about it the most, etc? We've been using Asana for task management for client work, HubSpot CRM, and hosting all of your work in shared Google Drive folders. It works, but I feel that this is probably not the most...
  7. Blake Denman

    Awesometasticular Schema Generator

    I don't know if anyone has shared this gem yet, but I just stumbled on it: Generators For SEO | Generate Rich Snippets Easily If you go to Local Business Generators, it will ask you for the right segment before you continue. Their are a ton of other Schema markup generators, head...
  8. Blake Denman

    SMX Advanced notes

    I'll be live tweeting the sessions that I am in today. Maybe Linda or one of the mods can embed the stream so that way I don't have to come back in and copy and paste everything twitter: @blakedenman
  9. Blake Denman

    Come on man, get creative!

    If you insist on writing fake reviews, at least come up with names that sound real. Pretty funny that these are still live, though.
  10. Blake Denman

    New Google Mobile Local Display

    I don't know if this is entirely new, but I thought I would share these screenshots. I have yet to see local results display like this. iPhone 5S in Google Chrome The first photo is the initial results, picture 2 is swiping to toggle more local results. Pictures 3 and 4 are when you click on...
  11. Blake Denman

    What kind of CRM/Task Management do you use?

    Hi friends, I've been doing a lot of research lately on task management/CRM solutions that would best fit the needs of my agency. I am curious to see what others are using that I may have not discovered yet, and why. Here are a few questions I would like to know regarding what you use: What...