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    CID with new Google Maps

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone could provide any insight on how to find the CID/link to put on your website so that it links to the Google+ Local page? All of my browsers have officially moved over to the new maps, and I'm having trouble finding the CID and/or correct link to link to maps...
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    Service-Based Companies, UPS Boxes, & Loading across the web

    I am currently working with a franchise system where most of them use UPS boxes because the box is centrally located in their service area and they have no storefront. However, I am having a big issue when it comes to a certain decision. I obviously can't use a UPS box on Google without running...
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    Category Ranking

    I had a customer of mine ranking under "Handyman" first in his local area and now we can't find him under that category anywhere under the maps. Is there any kind of explanation anyone could help me with to explain to him why he may not be showing? We have done no changes to his Google+ Local...
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    Deleting/Merging with New Google+ Local Dashboard

    Good Afternoon, I am struggling to figure out how to delete listings that are claimed in the new Google Places dashboard, and also wondering if it's still possible to do the old merge trick with multiple listings in one dashboard when you want them all to merge into one. If merging isn't...
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    Geo-modifiers in DBA Names for Local Franchise Owners

    I had a huge question come up today about geo-modifiers from a marketing team that handles an entire franchise system. For the past year, we have been adding to over 22 directories using their DBA's that have geo-modifiers in it... Such as "____ of Greater Fairfield"...etc. These are all...
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    Are These Listings in Purgatory?

    I have a couple listings in this stage of the dashboard where it says ACTIVE but no impressions or actions are showing. These Glass Doctor listings are not showing up on Google under any kind of ranking, either. I have a couple of accounts in this status, though, and they ARE ranking. Please...