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  1. pwarrenseo

    Disconnect Between Organic and Snack Pack Rankings

    I was wondering if any one else regularly has this issue. I work on an large franchise type website with hundreds of locations. Often we have really high organic local rankings for our GMB landing pages in the cities we target. Usually our organic rankings are in the top 3. Many times though we...
  2. pwarrenseo

    Service Areas and Physical Address

    Does anyone on here use a physical address in their GMB and have areas served? I always thought areas served would only be useful for businesses who don't want to show their address but I've been seeing some people do both. Is there any benefit from doing this?
  3. pwarrenseo

    Bulk Yelp Business Profile Creator

    Does anyone have a solution to bulk add Yelp locations for a business. I work in a niche that has many franchise and I'm looking for something that can speed up the process from making one at a time.
  4. pwarrenseo

    GMB Map Embed in Footer vs Landing Page

    Hi all, I was wondering how many of you embed the Google map for a one location business in the footer vs having it just on a contact page. Do you think there is a benefit to having it in the footer vs a landing page?