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  1. djbaxter

    Veteran-Led Attribute in GMB

    Strange. What would be the rationale for making it device-dependent?
  2. djbaxter

    Weird Email from Google?

    Excellent point. Check the return email address and the email headers. Even the opening, "Hello from Google", doesn't sound like the usual emails from Google. And whatever you do, don't click that link to log into your GM account - and if you already did, change your password now!
  3. djbaxter

    Bank employee gives customer's business negative Google Review after frustrating phone call

    Frustrated TD Bank customer stunned after service rep bites back online by Shannon Martin, CBC News Nov 8, 2019 Read more...
  4. djbaxter

    NEW Quick Access to LSF for Mobile Devices

    You can now add the Local Search Forum to your Home Screen for quick direct access (no need to load a browser). This may be especially welcome to those who like Tapatalk. It is not fully supported yet in all browsers or operating systems. Those marked as green fully support it. Those in Lime...
  5. djbaxter

    What is this at the top of the SERPs and how do you get in?

    Knowledge Panel Like this:
  6. djbaxter

    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    Did you try what I suggested earlier?
  7. djbaxter

    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    OK. So it now redirects with or without the www?
  8. djbaxter

    Forum software upgrade November 6, 2019

    The Xenforo forum software has just been upgraded to the latest version. This release is primarily bug fixes. Please post here if you notice anything not working as expected or anything unusual.
  9. djbaxter

    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    cPanel >> Domains >> Redirects Set Type to permanent (301) Set https?://(www.)? to your domain Leave the box after / blanck Redirects to Select Redirect with or without www Check Wildcard redirect
  10. djbaxter

    Brightlocal: Fake Reviews Statistics

    ??? What does that mean?
  11. djbaxter

    Brightlocal: Fake Reviews Statistics

    Fake Reviews Are a Real Problem: 8 Statistics That Show Why by Jamie Pitman, BrightLocal Nov 6, 2019 Highlights: 74% of consumers have read a fake review in the last year, though they’re not always easy to spot 89% of 18-34-year-olds have read a fake review in the last year Reviews with...
  12. djbaxter

    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    Once you get your htaccess running correctly, that IS the redirect. Do you have cPanel?
  13. djbaxter

    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    Sometimes you have to play with the RewriteRule line a bit for different server configurations. Comment out this line by inserting the character # at the beginning of the line: # RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301] Then try this right below that commented out line: RewriteRule...
  14. djbaxter

    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    Can you post the redirection code you used?
  15. djbaxter

    Google Now Shows Short Names on About Tab

    It seems to be. I haven't seen any issues with it recently.
  16. djbaxter

    Accidental Site De-Index from Google and Long Road to Recovery: Moz Case Study

    Interesting case study on what happens when the noindex meta tag meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow" is inadvertently added to the head section sitewide - and the process of gradual recovery when that is corrected. This Is What Happens When You Accidentally De-Index Your Site from...
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    Page Speed

  18. djbaxter

    Page Speed

    Which part? The "no data" part?
  19. djbaxter

    Service Areas and Physical Address

    1. The so-called "test" that BipperMedia ran was fatally flawed on a number of levels. 2. Listing in surrounding towns may help if you actually provide services to those other areas. If not, you'll probably get dinged for spam. 3. @BipperMedia I have to confess I am disappointed in your latest...