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  1. C Problem?

    What's up with the free tool on I tried to do a search today, and I got a pop-up window asking for my email to sign up to their newsletter. After clicking "No Thanks" a couple of times, and being kicked back to the search page, I entered an email address, and still got kicked...
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    Local SEO Pricing Models

    I am doing some planning for 2013 and have started to rethink my pricing model, and the services I'm providing to local clients. Currently, I charge a monthly retainer, and provide the following services to everyone: G+ optimization Citations On page SEO Article/video creations and...
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    Comparison of Software Tools

    I'll apologize in advance if this posts twice. I tried to Preview my original post before hitting submit and everything froze... I am new to the forum and finding this to be a fabulous resource! Kudos to Linda for making this happen. I have been using Bright Local, but after seeing the rave...