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    Google now allows Site Owners to Customize the Search Results Snippets, but what can be customized?

    Excited that Google will allow snippet customization of image size and video length, but is there any control over what video or image is actually displayed? If so, is there an example out there? Google Lets Site Owners Customize Their Search Results Snippets
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    Schema and rankings

    Has anyone noticed any effect in traffic or rankings after implementing schema? Also, curious to know if google uses them often, not so often, etc. I have a decent schema in place for over 50 clients, but some clients would like to add more (ratings and video) and I want to make sure that it...
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    Lead referrals

    Looking for advice, putting together a blog that discusses topics in link building. I would like to recommend a company that provides link building and other SEO services. I work full-time so can not take on any more work but want to be able to refer someone in case I get any inquiries. My goal...
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    Is Yext worth the cost??

    Is Yext worth the monthly fee as opposed to doing these listings manually? So far I've been avoiding the ones that redirect to Yext. Any advice?